Super-Venom (Gotham City)


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Feb 26, 2016
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I'm a fan of comics-crossovers, and this fan-fic depicts the eccentric urban vigilante Batman (DC Comics) contending with a mutated 'rendition' of Venom (Marvel Comics) simply named 'Super-Venom.'

I'd love any kind of feedback regarding the 'graphic appeal' of this urban comic-crossover tale...



Batman was the ultimate masked vigilante, the real defender of the crime-infested Gotham City which was the more metropolitan (if not more cosmopolitan) 'rendition' of New York(!). Batman was actually Gotham's luminous socialite-businessman Bruce Wayne (head of Wayne Industries), a princely heir to his father's lucrative company which invested in weapons-tech, bio-tech, and software. Bruce wanted Wayne Industries to begin investments in genomics as well, working closely with the geneticists at the Salk Institute (San Diego). No one knew Bruce was actually the masked 'superhero' Batman, a valiant and somewhat mysterious crime-fighter who helped the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) apprehend/incarcerate the city's worst and most criminally-insane(!) villains/terrorists. Batman had arrested Scarecrow (a masked maniac wielding fear-toxins), Penguin (a sewer-dwelling narcotics-lord and crime-master), Talia al Ghul (nefarious woman and head of the crime syndicate known as 'Leviathan'), and the Red Hood Gang (an insidious masked troop of armed bank-robbers). Batman took stock of his successes while working on a crime-file for a new Gotham nemesis called 'Super-Venom.' Batman was sitting in front of his giant computer in his 'bat-cave' (which was in the basement of his Wayne Mansion!).

BATMAN: I've dressed up as a bat, since bats are extraordinary flying-rodents who represent nocturnal intuition, which is what I really need to tackle Gotham's eerie villains/criminals(!); however, I'm quite alarmed at the profile/reports of this new nemesis called 'Super-Venom' (since I doubt the GCPD is equipped to handle this brutish mutant and hellraiser!).

Batman realized that Super-Venom was no ordinary criminal. Super-Venom was spotted/sighted making mayhem on the rooftops of Gotham City's buildings and sometimes hurling large cement blocks off the rooftops onto the heads of vulnerable pedestrians on the streets below. Super-Venom also kidnapped multiple GCPD officers (cops) and made them ingest a lethal poison before decapitating them and dismembering their limbs and delivering their 'partitioned' bodies to the steps of Town Hall(!). Super-Venom also kidnapped multiple city prostitutes and cut off their hand before 'returning' them to their street-jobs/positions late at night (going so far as to administer healing medicines to cure their pain/wounds incurred from their hands being cut off!). Batman knew Super-Venom was a real 'agent' of hell and pure mayhem and concluded that he was some kind of mad scientist who may have ingested an experimental strength-enhancing serum which transformed his body and drove him insane and 'compelled' him to don the distinctive black spider-themed villain-suit/uniform which journalists photographed when they sighted him hurling cement blocks off Gotham building rooftops.

SUPER-VENOM: The only 'cop' with enough gumption or wits to tackle me is arguably the mysterious Batman, whom I suspect may be a prominent Gotham socialite or businessman or politician who felt the 'urge' to become some kind of 'super-hero' and crusader; when Batman discovers that I, 'Super-Venom,' intend to turn this city into a pit of darkness, he'll have no choice but to acknowledge me as the true prince of hell in this modern 'city of discord.'

Super-Venom was convinced that if he was somehow able to outwit/defeat the shrewd and valiant Batman, prince of sanity in Gotham(!), then he'd be 'crowned' as Gotham's ultimate agent of hell. That was his real intention --- to turn basic criminal intentionality into a mosaic of confusion and noise. Of course, Batman (Bruce Wayne) had already begun coordinating various society institutions (such as the mayor's office!) and science-research groups (some at Wayne Industries!) while advising the GCPD to begin regular helicopter patrols of city building rooftops so the cops could contact Batman immediately/efficiently in the case of some terrible crime or mayhem committed by Super-Venom. Batman was most troubled by Super-Venom's eerie use of ugly violence as a form of urban civics subversion (e.g., the dismemberment of cops and the cutting of prostitutes' hands). Super-Venom decided to send a note to the GCPD informing them that he was 'daring' Batman to meet with him late at night on a particular city building rooftop for a televised fist-fight.

At about 3 a.m. on a certain building rooftop, Batman confronted the ugly Super-Venom and began wrestling with him and punching him and absorbing mighty punches himself while GTV journalists/reporters recorded the entire fight! Batman was very well trained in hand-to-hand combat and was physically fit to deal with the brutishness and violence of the eerie Super-Venom. However, at one point Super-Venom almost got the better of the heroic Batman when he nearly spooked him so badly that Batman almost fell off the battle-arena (the building rooftop). In the end, fortunately, Batman managed to somehow/miraculously bind and pin down Super-Venom and haul him off to Arkham Incarceration Center (AIC) where Batman could interview/interrogate the super-villain in front of TV cameras. The interview was hopefully to serve as a general 'template' for future criminal interviews and televised presentations/analyses. It would also hopefully bring Batman needed/desired social respect/esteem.

BATMAN: Your violent tactics are ugly!
SUPER-VENOM: Thanks for allowing me to remain masked...
BATMAN: We wanted to 'honor' your need to remain disguised during incarceration.
SUPER-VENOM: That's sensible, since the cops/lawyers intend to keep me here forever!
BATMAN: You hardly warrant any 'special consideration.'
SUPER-VENOM: Maybe someday, I'll reveal my face/name.
BATMAN: Well, until then, the people of Gotham are curious about your mind.
SUPER-VENOM: I have little to 'report' except my interest in hell/mayhem!
BATMAN: I suppose you believe you're an 'agent' of the Devil.
SUPER-VENOM: I serve no one but myself, Batman.
BATMAN: Who are you punishing with your mayhem?
SUPER-VENOM: I employ unusual violence to reveal presence of discord.
BATMAN: So discord to you is an 'absolute truth.'
SUPER-VENOM: Don't you realize that Gotham prostitutes spread disease?
BATMAN: No woman deserves to be treated/labelled as a 'hole.'
SUPER-VENOM: You misunderstand the reality of doubt (and darkness)!
BATMAN: The people of Gotham trust that your incarceration will create long-term security.
SUPER-VENOM: Perhaps someday they'll invent a medicine to cure my 'malice.'


Chapter 2: Species

This second chapter was loosely-inspired by the assimilation-paranoia film Alien Nation.


While Super-Venom was incarcerated, the insidious Gotham nemesis managed to leak out information to the public regarding the production of the serum many hypothesized was responsible for mutating/transforming the lunatic into the brutish super-villain. The serum-formula got to the hands of a nefarious criminal scientist named Stephen Douglas who ingested a concocted batch of the 'magic serum' and gave some to his brother (Marvin Douglas) as well, and the two eccentrics were soon 'transformed' into strange-looking individuals with enhanced powers/strength, and they now called themselves Sinestro and Sinister. Sinestro intended to work with Sinister in mutating an entire sector of the population in Gotham City(!).


Batman called his buddy Steve Rogers who was working with the CIA in the design of a new pedestrian-infiltration democracy-initiative involving dressing up as a patriotic soldier named 'Captain America.' Batman wanted Steve Rogers (Captain America) to come to Gotham and help him deal with the 'aftermath' of various Gothamites ingesting the serum Sinestro/Sinister were now distributing/marketing. When Captain America arrived in Gotham, he helped Batman deal with a terrorist attack in a major area of the city. Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Captain America (Steve Rogers) believed the culprits of the terrorism were Gothamites who were 'mutated' by the serum Sinestro/Sinister ingested(!). They narrowed down the suspect-list to a serum-mutated corrupt GCPD cop and a serum-mutated spider-dressed young man who believed Super-Venom was his god.


SUPER-VENOM: Why are you bothering me in my prison-cell again, Batman?
BATMAN: I need information on this serum/mutation agenda...
SUPER-VENOM: Why the hell would I give you such info?
BATMAN: Don't you trust Captain America (and me)?
SUPER-VENOM: I'm not sure who's responsible for the mutations/terrorism!
BATMAN: Yet, you supplied the serum-formula to 'outsiders.'
SUPER-VENOM: I was merely curious to see the 'natural' course of lab-science.
BATMAN: Why didn't you simply report the formula to our scientists?
SUPER-VENOM: I wasn't sure if I'd be believed...
BATMAN: Well, the serum-mutations have led to new brands of Gotham crime!
SUPER-VENOM: At least there aren't any women involved...
BATMAN: Untrue; a female soldier named Natasha was mutated...into 'Species.'
SUPER-VENOM: So Natasha (aka, 'Species') is a diplomat of this crime-wave?
BATMAN: That's why I need immediate info from you!
SUPER-VENOM: How the serum affects Gotham is in fate's hands, Batman.
BATMAN: You can't be so nihilistic/apathetic...
BATMAN: The world can't afford this mutated insanity!
SUPER-VENOM: Perhaps this is the time of the 'Great Design.'


Batman and Captain America continued their democratic crusade to bring an end to the horrible serum-mutation related crimes in Gotham City. These ugly crimes threatened to destroy the basic patriotic spirit of the modern city. After all, numerous maniacs were now running around as mutated 'sentinels' determined to prove that strength-alteration breeds anarchy(!). Batman (and Captain America) wondered if all this physique-obsession would yield some kind of 'species hellfire.' However, they remained idealistic and determined to use crime-fighting tactics to dispel all this urban malice. Would Gotham endure this nihilism oriented dark night?


Chapter 3: The Evil Shrink(!)

This chapter about a 'mad city' was inspired by the film Mad City.


An evil psychiatrist and pharmacologist named Dr. Jonathan Crane (of Yale University) quickly became the maniacal Scarecrow, a masked maniac who wielded deadly hallucinogens which served as his fear-toxin weaponry, which he wielded against Gotham City. However, Crane/Scarecrow wanted to talk to Batman directly about the social access to medical talk about brain-body chemistry and yoga and its applicable profitability new age 'technique' to motivate the mind of the masses. Scarecrow was like a nihilistic rendition of Sigmund Freud, with a crooked vision...


CRANE/SCARECROW: I seek to destroy the 'myth' of the Grey Pegasus...
BATMAN: Are you an adversary of mob psychology?
SCARECROW: I detest 'Shakespeare in the Park.'
BATMAN: I like EuroDisney myself...
SCARECROW: Colorful imagination is clouded by capitalism!
BATMAN: Still, kids love Happy Meals.
SCARECROW: Don't you see the naivete of the Grey Pegasus, Batman?
BATMAN: The Grey Pegasus is humble and clear.
SCARECROW: There's nothing redeemable about forced humility!
BATMAN: The mind creates alternate realities as a rather baseline curiosity.
SCARECROW: Are you a fan of Sigmund Freud?
BATMAN: I prefer the writings of emotive storytellers (e.g., Hans Christian Andersen)!
SCARECROW: Perhaps the Grey Pegasus is a pair of coal-miner's socks to Gotham.
BATMAN: That's plausible; there's always intrigue surrounding homely goods...
SCARECROW: The Grey Pegasus is an abomination before the lord of vanity!
BATMAN: We have to be straightforward about all our frailties before conceding.
SCARECROW: This modern world may much be about 'socialization goosebumps.'


Batman knew that if he were to contend with the likes of the dastardly Scarecrow, he'd need to coordinate all creative and physical efforts to controlling urban perceptions of civics-disarray, so conceptions of madness would not apply to society notions about 'transgressing against consciousness.' If Batman remained steady and focused, the Scarecrow would fall(!). This was the hope of multiple criminal psychologists at Yale University.


The Diamond Eye

How does consumerism-consciousness (e.g., Black Friday, Toys 'R Us, Wal-Mart, etc.) make us hypnotized by treasures and luxuries? Why do consumerism-avatars such as Lucky the Leprechaun (breakfast cereal mascot), Aunt Jemima (pancake-syrup mascot), and Col. Sanders (KFC chicken avatar) remind us of the basic instincts associated with shopping and capitalism-flowery? Consider this story-chapter about Super-Venom tangled in a news-hawking pedestrian folk-tale about a media-iconic diamond-heist at a ski-resort in Denver (Colorado)! Would such a fable remind you why your kids love consumerism-cartoon characters such as Cadbury Easter Bunny (candy-shopping), Pillsbury Dough-Boy (baker-shopping), and Evil Elf (Christmas-shopping)?



SUPER-VENOM: After escaping from the incarceration center Batman placed me in and then being imprisoned back in there (by Batman!), I've learned through TV that Americans are obsessed with journalism and news and why my escapes and incarcerations are all the buzz in modern society. It's no mystery that we humans are intrigued by stories/images of escapism and claustrophobia, and I wonder how much capitalism/consumerism contributes to those mental feelings(!). If consumerism and capitalism feeds our natural fascination with luxury and space, then we might understand why thievery/piracy are so romanticized in Western civilization. I'm recording these thoughts for CNN, since I was told my 'views' on civilization will be shared in the media. I wonder who will study my words...and how they'll be inspired!


Well, Super-Venom had reason to feel intrigued by the question of who would be inspired by his words/thoughts, which CNN distributed liberally in the media in America(!). Two Ivy League students, Ajay Satan and James Dash, saw Super-Venom's ideas regarding capitalism and claustrophobia and decided to perform a daring jewel-heist in Denver (Colorado, USA!) and claim Super-Venom's incendiary philosophies 'inspired' them to achieve the thievery! Ajay and James were clever and shrewd and targeted a special celebrity-charity event in a ski-resort in Denver which would feature a special giant diamond-ring brought there by the gracious royal delegate, Princess Karen of Mondego. Ajay and James decided they'd travel to the ski-resort posing as tourists/journalists and hoped the law-minded Batman would not surmise their diabolical scheme.


The fancy and luscious giant diamond-ring at the Denver ski-resort was something everyone was quite proud of at the celebrity charity-event there, so Ajay and James made sure they appeared as believable/presentable journalists (working for a European magazine!). Ajay and James took countless photo of the giant diamond-ring, and they wondered how much the celebrities at the ski-resort were 'meditating' on the luster of luxury (in this age of capitalism!) during the charity-activities at the charity-event(!). Ajay and James thought back to the words/thoughts of the incarcerated Super-Venom who might've said (concerning Princess Karen's giant diamond at the Denver ski-resort!), "Celebrities ogling a shiny trophy surely will lure some terrorist or pirate and create some thrill-seekers' daydream!"


The security at the Denver ski-resort was rather impressive. Ajay and James made sure they roamed around there appearing to be normal well-intentioned journalists from Europe(!). Ajay and James even took some 'special time' to court two beautiful women at the charity-event and enjoyed night-lights and champagne. Super-Venom would've marvelled at all the 'socialite confetti' at this celebrity charity-event. Gotham socialite-businessman Bruce Wayne (Batman!) was actually invited to the event but declined to attend, freeing up Ajay and James to put their 'stamp' on this Americana-symbolic affair(!).


The diamond ring was placed in an inner-exhibition room at one of the ski-resort lodges and was housed in a very large sterling-silver box with Princess Karen's name engraved on it (with elegance!). Ajay and James were in awe at all the magic and splendour at the celebrity charity-event, and they remembered Super-Venom's words regarding the 'sensory preoccupation' with fortune and space in a capitalist civilization. Ajay and James decided this special jewelry-heist would compel Batman to deal with Super-Venom's eerie omen that capitalism fuelled all sorts of 'piracy imagination' in civilization(!).


Ajay and James decided to walk into the inner-exhibition room at the ski-resort lodge which housed Princess Karen's giant diamond on the day of the heist wearing ski-helmets/hats and gear and goggles to completely cover their appearance. When security-guards asked the two why they were still wearing their ski-gear/goggles while walking around in the exhibition room, Ajay and James told them, "We're terrorists from Iran!" When the security-guards panicked, Ajay and James immediately sedated them with an inoculation-injection which they hid in the sole of their shoes after covering security-cameras with wads of bubble-gum they had been chewing(!). They then locked the exhibition room (which they visited early Sunday morning since very few tourists/visitors would be there at that time of exhibition room working-hours!) and proceeded to lift Princess Karen's giant diamond. Ajay and James sauntered out of the exhibition room/lodge wearing their ski-gear/goggles and simply hopped onto one of the snowboarding hills and assimilated into the skiing crowds (with the giant diamond hidden in James' jacket!).


The diamond-heist caused a huge ruckus at the celebrity charity-event(!). Celebrity/actress attendee Jennifer Connelly was questioned/interviewed by a police-detective and cop who wanted to know of her contact with two mysterious and rather daring-looking men (European journalists) --- Ajay and James --- who were considered suspects since they oddly vanished shortly after the heist of the Karen-diamond(!). Mrs. Connelly told the detective/cop in the interrogation-room that Ajay and James oddly-enough did not look especially strange/suspicious but were rather charming European journalists. The detective suspected this was some machinated conspiracy somehow related/linked to Super-Venom and decided to contact Batman for help. This was high-society intrigue indeed...or was it venom?


Comic book writers romanticized the stealing of the Karen-diamond by using local Denver gossip to portray Ajay and James as the culprits of the heist and re-presented the 'charming pair' as two Marvel Comics adapted anti-heroes, Gambit and Iceman(!). Now that Ajay and James were being 'hyped' as Gambit and Iceman for their 'sardonic' heist of a diamond from a 'capitalism-symbolic' celebrity affair, Ajay and James realized it'd just be wise to flee to Fiji and change their names/identities and retire in peace after selling the diamond in the black-market. As Ajay and James escaped, Gambit and Iceman became their 'Americana-heist' avatars(!) for 'capitalism-critique gossip.'


BATMAN: After seeing all the news-hubbub of the Denver Karen-diamond heist and the ensuing Iceman-Gambit 'fancraze' and media-hysteria, I can't help feeling Super-Venom was accurate in his acerbic comment that American capitalism-imagination makes for all kinds of luxury-hypnosis(!). Whoever pulled off that diamond-heist wanted Americans to consider the possibility that the words/ideas of anti-social incarcerated sociopaths (such as Super-Venom!) ironically ring true when we're compelled to relate consumerism-consciousness with tabloid-cynicism. Is this really venom? Are we becoming 'greed by-products' or treasure-hunting mutants?


Alien: Cure(?)

Imagine our beloved Gotham is visited by three strange alien visitors (Unicron, Scourge, and Gray Goblin) who begin to dissect the Batman-Catwoman romance as representative of 'urban diarism.' What would be the commentary of Super-Venom?

You decide...



As Gotham City continued to develop in 'intrigue' and corruption, various alien intelligences from other galaxies were drawn to Earth to evaluate the merits/value of human civilization(!). Three such aliens were humanoid robots and one humanoid goblin. The two robots were Unicron (a flying nihilistic fascist) and Scourge (a seedy warlock). The goblin was Gray Goblin (an unsightly anarchist). Unicron, Gray Goblin, and Scourge set up a spy-station on Earth's moon and began debating about the merits of civilization on Earth(!). The three 'visitors' began paying close attention to Gotham City and noticed that the heroic urban vigilante Batman (Bruce Wayne) was in love with a female vigilante named Catwoman (Selina Kyle). Batman only knew Catwoman was passionate about urban ethics, so the three aliens spying on human intrigue (Unicron, Gray Goblin, Scourge) decided to debate about the 'species symbolism' of the urban Batman/Catwoman romance and what it meant for the 'control' of anti-social venom on Earth.


UNICRON: Human criminals/terrorists resemble scurrying/prowling 'red ants.'
GRAY GOBLIN: There's a strange 'poetry' to all this 'urban cadence.'
SCOURGE: Perhaps Earth is a planet of 'great photography.'

UNICRON: Capitalism in America focuses on the value of the middle-class!
GRAY GOBLIN: Yes, the middle-class comprises much of the workforce.
SCOURGE: Gotham City houses many middle-class bureaucrats (or 'civil servants').

UNICRON: This Batman/Catwoman romance symbolizes 'urban drama.'
GRAY GOBLIN: There's strange sentimentalism behind human teamwork...
SCOURGE: Gotham maniacs/criminals do not 'admire' the Batman/Catwoman fable!

UNICRON: Are there substantial precedents to 'capitalism romance' in Gotham?
GRAY GOBLIN: Yes, we need 'capitalism romance' to justify populism rhetoric.
SCOURGE: Gothamites love the populism-oriented TV show, Friends(!).

UNICRON: We could praise the Batman/Catwoman romance as a 'habitation totem.'
GRAY GOBLIN: Is there evidence showing that Batman/Catwoman love inspires patriotism?
SCOURGE: The right kind of mob journalism would foster 'friendship-folklore.'

UNICRON: Let's conclude that capitalism-venom involves 'basic mischief.'
GRAY GOBLIN: Sure; when Valentine's Day candy-shopping feels shallow, there's no parade!
SCOURGE: You need 'forms' of capitalism-pageantry for urban doctors, no?

UNICRON: We'll depart from this spy-station in good spirits...
GRAY GOBLIN: Yes, we've decided that Gotham City is a diadem of 'negotiation.'
SCOURGE: Human civilization has to survive this 'juvenile stage' of capitalism-romance.

UNICRON: Let's toast Batman/Catwoman as an 'ideal prayer.'
GRAY GOBLIN: Perhaps Gothamites will pray for 'real networks.'
SCOURGE: Capitalism has the potential to foster 'true daydreams.'

UNICRON: If human capitalism falters, we'll colonize Earth!
GRAY GOBLIN: We'll doubt our 'optimism' towards Batman/Catwoman.
SCOURGE: Maybe poets will characterize Gotham as a 'dogma-haven.'


After Unicron, Gray Goblin, and Scourge departed from Earth's moon and decided human civilization did not yet merit any kind of 'cleansing colonization' scheme, there seemed to be a strange and peaceful air/atmosphere of innocent patriotism hanging over Gotham City(!). Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle) were indeed dating and considered marriage. However, the two sexy crime-fighters received a strange doodle-drawing in their mail-box of a mischievous performance-artist named 'Satan the Clown.' Batman and Catwoman wondered if the creepy Super-Venom had sent them the drawing from his incarceration center(!).

SUPER-VENOM: What could influence Batman/Catwoman into believing I'd send them a doodle-drawing of 'Satan the Clown' (a performance-artist!)? I can only imagine some prankster sent them the drawing to trick them into insulting me! Maybe it was an alien-visitor who sent them the doodle, just to see if they'd sander some poor wretch/jailed-criminal such as myself...the 'anti-capitalist' Super-Venom(!).




Here's a final chapter about the 'social intrigue' surrounding Gotham democracy(!).


Batman met an Internet-bogging self-proclaimed 'democracy-crusader' named Feroz Hussein who was a Muslim-American. Feroz dressed up in vigilante-costumes and used ancient world mythological avatars such as Medusa and Hades to talk about the intrigue of pornography/censorship in the modern age of media(!). However, one night, Feroz had a dream in which he was visited by Medusa herself; she wanted to chat with him about his views about free-speech 'venom' in Gotham City(!).


FEROZ: Why are you troubling me in my sleep, Medusa?
MEDUSA: I need to talk to you abut free-speech in Gotham, Feroz!
FEROZ: Well, I do blog on the Internet about pornography/censorship.
MEDUSA: Yes, and Batman has been intrigued by your liberalism...
FEROZ: Batman cares about the circulation of objective news!
MEDUSA: Batman's jailed Super-Venom; he doesn't want hysteria.
FEROZ: Free-speech is vital for civics...and law.
MEDUSA: Yes, Batman cares about journalistic-intrigue.
FEROZ: When Batman jailed Bane, reporters talked about steroids!
MEDUSA: Free-speech talk helps us sort out danger from etiquette.
FEROZ: Sure; Super-Venom has talked about mob psychology 'poisons.'
MEDUSA: Journalists think about how to approach Super-Venom's frankness.
FEROZ: It's odd how we Americans idealize social manners...
MEDUSA: It's the most convenient way to address social health!
FEROZ: Just think of how we 'romanticize' bank-robbery.
MEDUSA: Bonnie and Clyde were characterized in an iconic movie starring celebrities!
FEROZ: Without free-speech focus, democracy seems more...myopic.
MEDUSA: That's why Super-Venom challenged our views on Gotham traffic.
FEROZ: Maybe Super-Venom condones prostitutes using cosmetics and drugs!
MEDUSA: How journalists address civics in Gotham impacts our 'social diaries.'
FEROZ: Maybe Batman will secure our banks to create more 'social obedience.'

MEDUSA: Yes, romanticized bank-robbery can become...a venom!
FEROZ: Perhaps capitalism can be a 'haven' for crime-consciousness.
MEDUSA: Maybe you should travel to Wales and study the foreign press.
FEROZ: Yes, I'd compare American journalism to non-American diarism!
MEDUSA: It's all about 'democracy-perspective.'
FEROZ: Perhaps the AntiChrist (adversary of man) negotiates 'capitalism-venom.'
MEDUSA: Yes, in our dreams we find the 'gems' of custodialism-oriented happiness(!).


When Feroz awoke from his lucid dream, he immediately wanted to chat with Batman about the social significance of his 'dream-chat' with the weighty Medusa(!). Batman explained to the idealistic Feroz that concerns about the moral gravity of capitalism-couture and 'journalism-etiquette' in Gotham City reflected a real democratic investment in American pride(!). Without focus on free-speech, democracy would be somehow...unsatisfying! Feroz wanted to know what Super-Venom thought about 'Gotham greed.' Batman advised Feroz to avoid all dangerous/deadly concerns regarding the 'venom' of American conspiracy(!).


SUPER-VENOM: After all this 'social chat' about the quality of Gotham intelligence and journalism, I'm intrigued by the notion that continued investments urban management will parallel the lingering 'presence' of anti-social instincts/urges to 'satiate darkness.' Perhaps Batman will agree with me that Gotham is one part diary...and one part laboratory!


The Medical Raid

This is a Gotham chemistry-tale inspired by the dystopian film A Cure for Wellness.

I'm such a fan of the offbeat film and was o pleased with this entire thread and all the little chapters that I wanted to post something inspired by the film.

Thanks for reading,


"My name is the Joker. I saw Super-Venom's news disclosures in the Gotham media and realized the city was 'ripe' for some nice/nifty criminal intrigue which would generate some thrilling criminal-insanity and terrorism stories. So I decided to fit my female sidekick Harlequin in a medical outfit (and I wore one too!) and stormed into Gotham Bank with her (masked of course!) and claimed Harlequin and I were from Amnesty International doing a special PR-stunt for TV. We distributed bottled of pheromones to the bank-customers, tellers, and guards(!).Everyone was instructed to apply the pheromones onto themselves and wait for some 'magical/romantic' inner-feeling, while we recorded the entire 'ordeal' with Harlequin's TV-camera(!). We told the guards that we had real gold-bars which would be 'substituted' for the fake bars hidden in the inner-vault. We 'explained' that the fake bars were placed in the vault to 'stage' this entire 'PR-robbery'(!). We of course scrambled the bank's computerized security system the night before with the help of a computer-geek we held hostage(!). We told everyone in the bank that the robbery and the pheromone-distribution symbolized Gotham's special interest in biochemical research for Wayne Industries(!) geared towards eradicating the public demand for steroids. Everyone believed us..."


"I am Bruce Wayne, head of Wayne Industries(!). That robbery was in no way a 'PR-stunt' endorsed by the new biochemical division of my company. The 'fake bars' substituted for the 'real bars' was a ploy, and the culprits who committed the 'TV-broadcasted' robbery were actually the Joker and Harlequin (two dastardly new urban maniacs who use anarchy to promote anti-social mischief). I assure the good people of this rich city that the pheromone-distribution the Joker performed was a sarcastic gesture about Super-Venom's implications that Gotham's 'hypnosis' with synthetic enhancements in a 'capitalism-blinded' society would create allure of the AntiChrist(!). The Joker and Harlequin carried out this tricky robbery to send the devious message that capital-securities in Gotham City can be undermined by modern social fascination with 'lifestyle-venom.' Security-forces are busy re-strengthening Gotham Bank!"


"My name is Harlequin. The gold-bars taken by Mr. Joker was a trophy for our intention to reveal the criminal-insanity that is a reality in this 'fair' city(!). We wish Gothamites would consider why/how the circulation of illegal performance-enhancing steroids reveals why Super-Venom talked about the 'capital-poison' in a capitalism-claustrophobic city, which is why Mr. Joker distributed those 'symbolic' bottles of pheromones(!). We think Batman (and Bruce Wayne!) will meditate on why criminal-insanity is a reflection of this city's 'great Christian problem.' Maybe Batman will consider why Wayne Industries lures voters towards thoughts about the richness and seduction of synthetics...and gold."


Commissioner Gordon of the GCPD told reporters that the statements made by Bruce Wayne (of Wayne Industries!) revealed why city leaders are more interested in the 'civics' of capital research rather than in the vague and maniacal deeds of subversive terrorists such as Joker. Gotham Bank was 'revamped' in securities, and Batman tracked Joker and Harlequin to an abandoned warehouse and parked his super-car (the 'bat-mobile') outside, waiting for the two criminals to emerge with their 'symbolic' bottles of more manufactured pheromones(!). However, Joker/Harlequin never surfaced, but Batman was very patient.


JOKER: I doubt Batman will catch us...
HARLEQUIN: Let's break Super-Venom out of jail!
JOKER: Patience, my pet.
HARLEQUIN: How will we circulate the new batch of pheromones?
JOKER: We'll simply mail them to people around Gotham!
HARLEQUIN: Then what?
JOKER: We'll tell the press that Wayne Industries mailed them!
JOKER: Bruce Wayne will seem like a 'brooding quack.'
HARLEQUIN: I see; frame him for 'biochemical ambition.'


SUPER-VENOM: It just occurred to me that all this 'pheromone' intrigue only enhances my claim/notion that Gotham City is 'festering' with all sorts of 'dogma contemplation.' What will Batman do?



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Alien: Troy

This is a gender-oriented vignette about an alien intelligence spying on Super-Venom (in Gotham City!) and human civilization and reaching an offbeat conclusion regarding the 'aesthetics comparability' of TrumpUSA capitalism to production-camp ideology (e.g., Lowell Factory Girls)!

Would a capitalism-critiqued and colonized/reformed human civilization resemble a gender-centric version of an ambitious customs-oriented old-world human civilization/city (such as
Ancient Troy)? Would an alien think of TrumpUSA capitalism as some kind of 'divisive' laboratory?

This short-story was inspired by the consciousness-dimensionality film

Thanks for reading, and enjoy (signing off),


There was new intrigue blooming, as an alien intelligence arrived on Earth's moon after receiving reports-of-interest from an earlier alien-visitor (Unicron!) who spied on human civilization with two 'cohorts' (Scourge, Gray Goblin). Unicron informed this new alien intelligence that a capitalism-baron (Donald Trump) was elected as U.S. President and the First Lady (Melania Trump) was the attractive female diplomat of an emergent consumerism-based capitalism-nation which served as the official 'Big Brother' of commerce-regulations!

This new alien was called a Xenomorph, and it also (like Unicron!) landed on Earth's moon and began spying on human civilization, American capitalism, and 'TrumpUSA.' The Xenomorph noted what Unicron had mentioned in his reports to the Xenomorphs --- that capitalism-baron Donald Trump was the leader of the 'free world' and First Lady Melania Trump was the female diplomat of this commerce-oriented global flowery. The Xenomorph took notes about how women were treated/placed in this new society of capitalism-gauged customs and etiquette (e.g., Wal-Mart, World Bank, Westinghouse, etc.).

Human women in human civilization served as nurses, nuns, night-cops, neo-classicists, and neo-liberals. The Xenomorph noted that the incarcerated mutated super-brute Super-Venom was using the media/press to circulate messages about the 'poison' of capital corruption and temptation in modern-day America (and Gotham City!) to suggest that urban environments in human civilization required constant vigilance. The Xenomorph concluded that Super-Venom was making public sensitive ideas regarding the fragility of human customs related to capitalism coordination (e.g., Gulf War, OPEC, NATO, European Union, etc.).

The Xenomorph realized that the ideas Super-Venom was disseminating in the media would crystallize in the minds/hearts of TrumpUSA citizens, Gothamites, and Earthlings in general that capitalism was forever 'modifying' humanity's perspectives on profit-sharing, teamwork, treasures, and even civics investments (e.g., WikiLeaks!). The Xenomorph wondered what U.S. First Lady (Melania Trump) thought of all this 'machismo metaphysics' regarding the 'exuberance' of profit-networks and capitalism and in general what human women thought of capitalism-consciousness(!).

XENOMORPH: It is my basic understanding that human women are like 'nightingales' in this environment of capitalism-imagineers (e.g., Bill Gates of Microsoft!). I wonder if it would be wise to consider a colonization-scheme involving the literal/actual 'transport' of all human women (and children!) into production-camps designed to boost the 'aesthetics' of capitalism labors. After all, women could supervise and assist children in the designing of toys which would motivate consumers to think of capitalism as a 'energy-based system.' Perhaps Super-Venom is incorrect in 'assuming' that capitalism (in Gotham City for example!) simply creates 'basic dogma.' Perhaps transporting human women/children into productivity-camps would make capitalism on Earth a system of...wondrous diarism(!).


Gotham Drama: Bridget/Grendel

Sorry, I really had to post one more story, and this one's about urban vigilance; I wanted to generate something to characterize the 'civics-kaleidoscope' of modern cities, using Batman and Super-Venom (of course) as the literary 'muses.'

This last 'Gotham dogma' tale was inspired by the urban-terror film
Predator 2.

Thanks for reading(!),


Super-Venom had managed to escape, but the Xenomorph departed from Earth's moon and opted not to colonize human civilization and instead chose to continue conferring with the previous alien-visitor to Earth's moon, Unicron(!). Meanwhile, Batman was scrambling to track down Super-Venom and return him to incarceration. Batman's lover/ally Catwoman (Selina Kyle) decided to put a mock-classified ad in the Gazette asking any citizen to help in the apprehending of Super-Venom. Well, an Algerian-American father-and-son lawyer-duo (working out of Pointe Law Firm (on Gotham Main Street!) took up the challenge of Catwoman's call. This father-and-sun duo was Perry and Zack Pointe(!). Perry and Zack came up with a nifty plan to trap Super-Venom and make Batman's life easier. Perry and Zack were dashing and impressed Catwoman(!).


PERRY: Son, we have a great opportunity to help Gothamites!
ZACK: It's sure more exciting than working everyday at our firm, dad.
PERRY: Don't get too confident; we have to remain diligent.
ZACK: True; Batman, does after all, do most of the 'grunt-work.'
PERRY: Right; we have to remain humble and dutiful, son!
ZACK: Well, dad, I'm wondering what our scheme should be now.
PERRY: Here's what we'll do Zack; we'll dress up as superheroes.
ZACK: You mean like Batman, dad?
PERRY: No, son, not like Batman; we'll use two Marvel Comics avatars.
ZACK: I love Marvel Comics; which ones will we use?
PERRY: We'll become Mr. Sinister (me) and Gambit (you)!
ZACK: How'd you learn about Sinister and Gambit, dad?
PERRY: You're not the only one at Pointe Law Firm who appreciates comics-art.
ZACK: Fair deal, daddy; alright, so we'll 'become' Sinister/Gambit, but then what?
PERRY: We'll stake-out the Gotham Town Hall on the rooftop and wait for Super-Venom!
ZACK: What makes you think Super-Venom will show up on the Town Hall rooftop?
PERRY: I have a strange feeling this brutish maniac wants to make a 'spectacle.'
ZACK: Aha, yes, he did talk much to the press about 'Gotham scandal/corruption.'
PERRY: Right; he'll definitely want to get some eerie spotlight on Town Hall...
ZACK: Oh, so the journalists will say, "Super-Venom has grudge with Town Hall!"
PERRY: Right; we'll dress up as Sinister/Gambit and wait for the ghoul at Town Hall.
ZACK: This will be outstanding, father...


Unfortunately, it wasn't Super-Venom who showed up on the rooftop of Gotham Town Hall on the night (Saturday!) that Sinister (Perry) and Gambit (Zack) were waiting for him there. Instead, it was yet another alien-intelligence/creature who showed up. This morbid and ugly-looking beast was a cybernetic white-and-blue winged dragon with metallic claws and jaws. It landed on the Town Hall roof and 'greeted' Sinister (Perry) and Gambit (Zack). Sinister/Gambit considered the danger of engaging with such a wild and unruly 'creature' and wondered what it wanted in Gotham City. The dragon-creature introduced himself/itself as 'Grendel.' Gambit (Zack) read about Grendel/Beowulf (old folk-tale about humans contending with a sensitizing monster) and asked the dragon-creature if he/it had named himself/itself after the folkloric Grendel from Earth-literature. The dragon-creature ('Grendel') told them that he appeared to the writer of the Beowulf poem/story and planted the name of 'Grendel' in his mind so he'd use it for his folk-tale.


The dragon-creature ('Grendel') told Sinister/Gambit (Perry/Zack) that he was impressed by their imaginative costumes and willingness to dress up as comic book superheroes and try to apprehend the subversive/divisive Super-Venom at Town Hall(!). Sinister/Gambit explained their outfits were meant to draw in Super-Venom in a beneficial and psychiatric discussion about anti-social 'urges' that may drive criminals/terrorists to wear masks and veil their true intentions while creating panic/mayhem. The dragon-creature ('Grendel') complimented Sinister/Gambit (Perry/Zack) for their wily deduction-work and offered his condolences that Super-Venom did not actually show up that night on the Town Hall rooftop. Grendel then told Sinister/Gambit that he was an alien-being from a faraway galaxy who wanted to tell Gothamites about humanity's hypnosis with fashion, consumerism, vanity, and capitalism itself. Sinister/Gambit told Grendel that humanity was 'proud' of its celebration of commerce and fashion (and fashion models!) and that it promoted vanity 'legally.'


Since Batman was far away staking out a very different building-rooftop in Gotham, he could not come to the assistance of Sinister (Perry) and Gambit (Zack). However, Super-Venom was actually near the location where Batman was perched trying to track the criminal and re-incarcerate him and hopefully for good(!). When Batman spotted Super-Venom, he decided he'd swoop towards the maniac. Meanwhile, Sinister/Gambit managed to 'persuade' Grendel not to destroy Gotham (or Earth!) and 'pardon' humanity for its apparent and mostly 'harmless' marketing of capitalism-consciousness (e.g., WikiLeaks, NATO, European Union, Gotham Bank, Wal-Mart, etc., etc.). Grendel comforted the father-son lawyer-hero duo (Sinister/Gambit) and told them, "I will return to my own galaxy and take your considerations with me and explain there are indeed 'conscious minds' thinking 'actively' about the routine 'complexities' of capitalism on you can relax (for now!)." Sinister/Gambit were relieved and returned to their family-mansion. Batman was ready to take up the reins again as Gotham's premier 'urban-civics diplomat/hero.'


Grendel returned to his galaxy and explained that he was 'greeted' in a place called Gotham City by an idealistic father-son lawyer/hero duo named Perry ('Sinister') and Zack ('Gambit') who were willing to use costumes/imagination to contend with a subversive and deformed urban menace named Super-Venom. Grendel had not conferred with Unicron or other alien intelligences who had already/previously visited Earth's moon to spy on human civilization. Grendel decided to build an evil female robot and named her Bridget. Bridget would now travel to Gotham City(!) and try to seduce Zack Pointe ('Gambit') and Bruce Wayne (Batman!) and see if the two heroes' convictions about capitalism on Earth would stand against the 'delicious temptations' of everyday vanities. The stage was set for continued drama in Gotham City.


Zack (Gambit) was home enjoying a YouTube video of the Super Bowl (NFL) matchup between the L.A. Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers when he thought he heard a gentle scratching on the rooftop of his house (family mansion!). The scratching was caused by the evil robot Bridget(!) who had already arrived in Gotham. When Zack/Gambit peered out his window, Bridget lowered her head and greeted the young man/lawyer. She scurried into his bedroom and explained she was sent by the dragon-creature Grendel to 'test' man for his ability to resist the 'moral temptations' of capitalism. Zack ('Gambit') realized Bridget (who was unbelievably attractive!) was trying to offer herself to him as a prostitute or sex-slave and see if he'd renounce his idealistic admiration of law/civics in Gotham City(!). However, Zack promptly refused the female robot and continued watching the Rams-Steelers Super Bowl replay on YouTube(!). Humans had just scored a point in its favor...thanks to Zack ('Gambit').


Bridget then traveled to the Wayne Mansion to greet Bruce Wayne and noticed he was home enjoying the movie The Last Samurai (Tom Cruise) on his plasma HD-TV(!). Bridget entered Bruce's home and offered to become his 'sidekick' and 'lover' if he'd conceded to go along with some of her 'alternative approaches' to Gotham civics and law-control. Bruce realized Bridget was an alien-robot who was sent to Earth to obviously 'test' man for his moral convictions, but he couldn't resist Bridget's beauty and invited her to stay with him and enjoy the Tom Cruise movie with him that evening. Bridget noticed that Cruise was America's biggest movie-star and wondered if Bruce Wayne was somehow 'hypnotized' by the allure of worldly aesthetics(!).


Bridget and Bruce traveled to the campus of Yale University together where Bruce formally introduced Bridget (the beautiful alien-robot!) to Psychology professors at the prestigious Ivy League school. Bruce wanted this Yale-greeting to be the first formal human-contact with Bridget. Bridget was impressed by the grandeur and intellectual-elegance of Yale University and was surprised to learn that Yale's psych profs/scientists were working on nifty theories about the links between mob psychology and subliminal advertising in modern networking markets (e.g., Facebook!). Bridget thanked Bruce Wayne and the Yale profs and suggested that Wayne Industries (Bruce Wayne's company!) and Yale scientists work together to develop new methods of media-marketing of capitalism magazines and journalism(!).


BRIDGET: The mission was a success, father!
GRENDEL: You managed to 'test' Gothamites/humanity?
BRIDGET: Batman apprehended Super-Venom but was still 'naive.'
GRENDEL: Well, did Bruce Wayne tell you about capitalism-analysis?
BRIDGET: Wayne Industries is working with Yale scientists now...
GRENDEL: What're they working on, my dear girl?
BRIDGET: They're developing new marketing/advertising schemes.
GRENDEL: For Super Bowl ads, for example?
BRIDGET: Precisely, father; we can now monitor capitalism-IQ.
GRENDEL: Brilliant; we'll simply 'spy' on American Super Bowl ads(!).
BRIDGET: I tried to corrupt Zack ('Gambit'), but he was too...youthful.
GRENDEL: Well, any crusade regarding the 'poisons' of capitalism is never simple.
BRIDGET: I wonder if Zack ('Gambit') should be the real Batman, father!
GRENDEL: Why do you say that, my dear?
BRIDGET: Well, I wondered if Bruce Wayne was Batman, but Bruce was very...excitable.
GRENDEL: Crime-fighters have different tactics and hence differing 'enthusiasms.'
BRIDGET: Will Super-Venom continue to be a 'model' for urban insanity on Earth?
GRENDEL: As long as capitalism is mismanaged, insanity will raise up terrorism(!).
BRIDGET: How/when will we determine if Earth should be colonized/revolutionized?
GRENDEL: When Super-Venom is finally dead...



Jailhouse Rock: The Poison of Luxury

Sorry folks, I know I claimed I was not posting any more chapters to this thread, I was talking to my sister today who is also a creative-writer and she asked me about my thread and wondered if I should add a section/chapter about the natural 'profundity' of capitalism in the modern American city.

I liked the suggestion so much(!) that I had to offer up one more 'mosaic civics-purgatory tale' and this is what I came up with, and I really hope readers like it...

Thanks for reading (signing off),


While Super-Venom was once again incarcerated by Batman(!), a nefarious bank robber came to prominence who wanted to exploit the media messages disseminated by Super-Venom just as some others had done already (e.g., Joker/Harlequin). This bank robber was an Algerian named Erik who wanted to take some Nazi gold which was being held in a new Gotham bank constructed by Wayne Industries called ING. Erik broke into the ING bank with a Mardis Gras mask and took a good portion of the Nazi gold from its inner-vault on Bloody Sunday.


Batman was furious and frustrated. Super-Venom's criminal deeds and bizarre media messages had prompted all kinds of strange crime and new kinds of criminals who wanted to 'hype' the maniac's terrible form of anti-social terrorism in Gotham/America(!). All this Super-Venom 'intrigue' even drew in alien intelligences (e.g., Unicron) who became fascinated by how capitalism had 'confounded' American ideals in the modern city on Earth! Batman (Bruce Wayne) decided to use Wayne Industries to advertise the spiritual message/omen that anti-capitalism crimes/terrorism never solved the real problem of social deception...or urban anarchy.


Wayne Industries decided to endorse the revamping of securities at the new ING bank. After Joker/Harlequin robbed Gotham Bank, the mayor and police commissioner wanted to be able to send the vital message that destroying financial securities was never a way to 'protest' the vices/flaws of capitalism-governance. Batman also didn't want Super-Venom's influence to spread new forms of spiritual poison!


Meanwhile, Erik had successfully looted a bunch of Nazi gold bars from Wayne Industries' ING bank and decided to send incendiary notes to the Gazette about the lure of luxury and the poison of capitalism and why/how capitalism in modern America 'inspired' crime in its various forms(!). Super-Venom was still incarcerated and decided to send a message to the media/press that the stolen Nazi gold (by Erik!) signaled a complete failure of Gotham police to control the modern problem of capitalism dissatisfaction.


Erik had a nice classic orange iBook and used it to send emails to countless Gotham officials. Erik sent them messages about why/how capitalism-vice had 'deformed' Americans' sense of patriotism and why the stolen Nazi gold was a signpost for modern governance reform requirements. In actuality, Erik merely wanted to cause a social panic/hysteria just as Super-Venom had done. Perhaps Erik had become 'sympathetic' towards Super-Venom's odd serum-induced mutation/deformity and why the physical change had created mental/spiritual insanity. Perhaps Erik was an 'infrastructure hacker' and 'Satanic messenger' of a sort of Gotham virus. Erik joked, "If I'm arrested, my orange iBook will become a collector's item for folklorists!"


SUPER-VENOM: It seems all my deeds and messages following my serum-induced deformity has turned me into a Gotham/American celebrity. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if aliens from other galaxies landed on Earth's moon and began spying on all this 'human civilization intrigue.' I suppose I was prophetically correct about Gotham City being a 'cauldron' for modern capitalism unhappiness. Perhaps I'm some kind of...god.


Erik sent the Gotham Gazette a color-pencil stick-figure doodle-drawing of the Marvel Comics urban super-villain/terrorist known as 'Hobgoblin.' This stick-figure doodle of the urban menace who resembled an orange goblin and rode a jet-glider that Erik drew for the Gazette symbolized all the eeriness and insanity that Super-Venom managed to spread all over Gotham with carefully-placed deeds and subliminal advertising(!). Erik was relieved that his brand of terrorism was bearing a new form of 'dystopian fruit.'


Erik used some of his stolen Nazi gold to purchase a marvelous orange diamond on the black market in Europe that following summer(!). He sent a photo of the diamond to Wayne Mansion, hoping Bruce Wayne himself(!) would see the image of the luxurious item as a 'trophy' or 'totem' of capitalism-corruption(!). When Bruce received the photo of Erik's orange diamond, he resented what Super-Venom managed to do to Gotham...and to America. Batman wondered if all this terrible modern urban sin was an omen that the AntiChrist himself was about to emerge and frighten everyday people who simply wanted to peaceful patriots!


BATMAN: Even though Super-Venom has achieved much in the dark and insane world of crime, I will never stop fighting the terrible notion that capitalism frailties 'naturally' breed crimes and deformities! I know that if I continue to defend democracy and Gotham City, the notion that urban disarray is a form of 'evolutionary venom' will never become the truth.



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