Superidol (Ellis/Doran)


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I'm not sure what Ellis is planning with this, if its going to be published, if its just a short or what but its pretty good. Bascly it takes ideas that he's played with alot (memes, non-human life, journalism, pop culture, music) and fuses it all together into an intresting idea. I got a little too much of a Spider Jerusemlem vibe from the main character, especialy on page two, but he seems much more apethetic...



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Well, considering the copyright is from 2001-2002, I think it's fair to assume that it's not going to be continued.

It was probably intended as a one-shot web-only comic. Honestly, I'm not sure whether it could have stood on its own as a mini-series, let alone an ongoing one.

While it is supremely cool, it *does* have a "just another Ellis book" vibe about it, the way Two Step did (although I like the more subdued mood of Superidol a lot more).

Actually, I would love to see how this story would have looked if it were illustrated by Kristian Donaldson (Supermarket) or the late Seth Fisher (Fantastic Four: Big in Japan, Vergtigo Pop!: Tokyo) instead. Feels like it would play to either of their strengths.

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