Superman the series!


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Aug 16, 2005
Desided I've wrote fan fic. I've done videos. Why not do a Fan fic Video.

This is NOT the same dc universe and is NOT my Ultimate one this is just for fuin when ever I feel like doing more.

Notes - The fire truck was a mistake it was meant to be a pick up truck but i might explain it later somehow

This is episode 1 More to come


Episode 1

Made with the movies , Windows movie maker and a photo I found online
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I don't know if you were actually going for humor or not, and I'm sure that you used the program as best as possible, but this was horribly lame.

Like, for seriously, this gave me horrible convulsions.
so thats what Nicholas Cage would look like as Superman
I thought it was pretty neat, actually. I just don't know how you intend to do a Superman series if you can't make him fly.

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