Tell me about DC New Frontiers (no spoilers)


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May 17, 2004
I keep seeing this TPB in the store and I'm not sure I understand the premise but I love the art. I'd almost buy it just for the art.

Is it like an Elseworlds kind of thing - alternate origins? Somethng like that? I saw that it's got all the heavy hitters in it.

Can someone tell me a little about this without spoiling it?
I remember Bass telling me last month about this. I think he said it's like DC's version of Marvel's Civil War or something like that.

Bass said it was very good.
I'm not too sure but I think it's like the DC universe set in the 50's.

Like 1602 for Marvel.

Mostly evolves around Hal Jordon. I want to check it out.
I've read it. It's designed to bridge the gap between the Golden Age and Silver Age of comics.

It's all written and drawn by a guy - Darwyn Cooke, who takes these DC characters and explores them when they were around in the 50's. It retells origins, presents troubles, and intertwines all these character's lives perfectly. It's kind of hard to describe without spoiling it, but it is very good.

Bass will come here and upstage me eventually.
Very good. I just went ahead and ordered Vols 1 and 2 from Amazon for $26.

Thanks guys.