The Academy of Tomorrow

Thor said:
Tsk tsk tsk. Gemini you have failed me, but it seems the new guy is a believe. I commend you UC4P and I hope you stay here a long time. Get back to your cage Gemini! Jk jk.

If we can keep getting people to buy the books than they won't be gone for a long time. Hopefully the Ultimate Wolvie mini will attract more people.
i'm just saying that it's going to loose it's niche value in a continuity free sort of universe and ultimizations are starting to lose the OMG feel. it's already starting to happen ultimizations have lost there importantness because bendis went a little nuts with it over this last year. now everyone is more interested in the story than they are about this "new" characters origin and that's really what has fueled ultimate marvel to this point. now an ultimization is expected in every arc and we rarely get return villains, everything is a one-shot. now i love ultimate marvel and i will no doubt buy every issue until it's finished but don't expect it to be around forever but as long as it bring in the cash it does for marvel it'll stay around, then once it dies out marvel will try and repeat it's initial success with a new line just how ultimate was brought in to the spotlight now that MC2 has gone south

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