The Alien, Blade Runner, Predator, Soldier, Aliens vs Predator shared universe?

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Firstly, let me establish that Prometheus and Alien: Covenant do not retcon Alien vs Predator. In Prometheus, a mural in the Juggernaut (the Engineer space craft) show that Xenomorphs exist prior to Prometheus. David seems to have attempted to replicate the Xenomorph with his... bio-morph? Something more organic than the true Xenomorph. Further more, in the novelization and early drafts of the script, the Xenomorph species was created by the Engineers, and David's Xenomorph variant was created in an attempt to replicate them.

Peter Weyland may be a distant cousin of Charles Bishop Weyland and acquired ownership of Weyland Industries, reshaping it and "founding" the new Weyland Corporation in 2012. Peter Weyland's acquisition of Weyland Industries would afford him knowledge of the Antarctic expedition of 2004, spurring on his research while keeping the Bouvetøya Island incident classified.

The events of Alien vs Predator are referenced in The Predator, where a collection of weapons also includes a spear used by the lone human survivor of Alien vs. Predator.

Blade Runner
Now that that's out of the way, Ridley Scott said this in relation to Blade Runner and Alien: “So... Almost this world could easily be the city (Los Angeles "The City of Angels") that supports, the crew that go out in Alien. In other words, the crew of Alien comes back in, they may go into this place and go into a bar on a street near where Deckard lives.That's how I thought about it.”

This is further supported by shared props. In Alien when Ellen Ripley prepares to fire up her escape lifeboat from the Nostromo, she revs the engines by commencing to "Purge" them. The screen that appears on her monitor is the same "Purge" screen that appears when Gaff fires up the thrusters for his flying police cruiser near the beginning of Blade Runner.

In the 20th Anniversary Alien DVD, an extra titled "Nostromo Dossier" contains a throwaway mention that at some point Dallas took a paycheck from Tyrell Corporation.

The bonus material on the steelbook edition of Prometheus implies that Peter Weyland’s mentor was Eldon Tyrell, the man who created the replicants in Blade Runner, and whose office is at the top of a pyramid, and whose creations literally "blew up in the old man’s face."

Additionally, Predator: Concrete Jungle fits in well with the Blade Runner future, intentionally or not.

An often forgotten film known as Soldier is said to co-exist with Blade Runner. Writer David Peoples considers the film to be a "spin-off sidequel" to Blade Runner and contains a handful of references to it.

One of the battle names tattooed on Todd's arm, Tannhauser Gate, is from the speech Rutger Hauer recites near the end of the movie Blade Runner. Todd's service record, displayed on a computer screen, includes the battles of Tannhauser Gate and Shoulder of Orion. In one of the dialogues of Soldier it is mentioned that there was a war at Tannhauser Gate.

It's implied in the film is that the genetically-engineered soldiers meant to replace Todd and his fellow soldiers are replicants. The short film 2036: Nexus Dawn, set in between the original Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049, implies that Nexus-9 replicants were developed in 2035, the year before Soldier takes place, seemingly confirming that Soldier is canon, or at least coincidentally lining up with the film.

The USMC smartgun and M14A pulse ride from Aliens is on Todd’s weapon training record.

Taking this into account, we now have 15 films, and discounting the comics and novels for time and simplicities sake, a timeline. For some reason, it's been hammered on the head that The Predator is before Predators dispite having no relation to each other other than Predators and existing in the same universe. I guess I'll just put it between November 2018 and November 2019?

Video Game

1987 - Predator
1997 - Predator 2
2004 - AVP: Alien vs. Predator: The Unrated Edition
2004 - AVP: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem: Unrated
2018 - The Predator
2019 - Blade Runner: The Final Cut
2022 - Blade Runner: Black Out 2022
2023 - Peter Weyland's 2023 TED Talk
2024 - Predators: Moments of Extraction
2024 - Predators: Crucified
2024 - Predators
2030 - Predator: Concrete Jungle
2036 - Blade Runner: 2036 Nexus Dawn
2036 - Soldier
2048 - Blade Runner: 2048 No Where to Run
2049 - Blade Runner 2049
2079 - Happy Birthday, David
2089 - Quiet Eye, Elizabeth Shaw
2091 - ‘Prometheus’ Transmission
2093 - Prometheus
2094 - Alien: Covenant: Prologue: The Crossing
2??? - Alien: Covenant: Meet Walter
2103 - Phobos: An ‘Alien: Covenant’ Story
2104 - Alien: Covenant: Prologue: Last Supper
2104 - Alien: Covenant
2104 - Alien: Covenant: Advent
2122 - Alien
2137 - Alien: Isolation
2137 - Alien: Blackout
21?? - Alien: Containment
21?? - Alien: Specimen
21?? - Alien: Night Shift
21?? - Alien: Ore
21?? - Alien: Harvest
21?? - Alien: Alone
2179 - Aliens: Special Edition
2179 - Alien³
2179 - Aliens: Colonial Marines: Status Interrupted
2179 - Aliens: Colonial Marines
2189 - Aliens Versus Predator
2231 - Aliens Versus Predator 2
2??? - Aliens vs Predator
2381 - Alien: Resurrection: Special Edition

Just so you know, this only includes franchises that actually have some behind the scenes evidence, so no Firefly or any other possible addition. I don't intend for this to be the Tommy Westphall universe, which is 100% not canon and simply made to highlight how many crossovers there are, after all.

What do you think? Is this just a silly fan theory or does it actually hold any weight?
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