The Alphabet of Manliness

Yeah, I saw this yesterday. I'll definately get it, as I'm a big Maddox fan and have probably read all his stuff at least five times.
"This book is only for the saltiest, hairiest, most rugged son of a ***** out there." -- Maddox

I was just thumbing thru a couple old pages last night.
Man, I love this book. I've probably read it 10 times. I got my Mom to read parts of it, and she was very offended.
I've read all but the last 3 chapters, which I'm saving for when I'm really in the mood.

The flatulence chapter made me laugh so hard I almost threw up. And a few months later I re-read it and it was just as funny if not funnier. The taking a dump chapter is a close contender.

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