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Feb 23, 2005
I posted this at Proj's Ideastorm site, but I haven't gotten any responses. I figure it'll get a bit more exposure here.

I want to finally try my hand at writing and drawing a comic. I'm doing an Authority one-shot, roughly 30-40 pages. When it's finally finished (God knows how long it will end up taking), I'll post it. For now, I'm going to be posting my progress on developing a story, script-writing, plotting and art, and possibly inking this thing. Hopefully I can get some good feedback and finetune it enough so that it doesn't turn out too ****ty.

I'll start off with a rough plot description. If you aren't caught up on The Authority or if you'd rather wait and read the finished product, go no further.

"Homecoming" (that's a working title, by the way) takes place about a week after the end of "Revolution". Everyone is settling back in and adjusting to everything being pretty much back to normal after 3 years of being apart.

Jenny Quantum is making a move on the new Doctor, but he's not into it. He comes from a very religious and moral background and he's both scared and embarassed by Jenny's forward advances. After Jenny asks him if "he's still going to **** her", Habib walks out.

Unsurprisingly, Jack has already slept with Rose Tattoo. He talks with Swift about the Engineer. She's been missing for 2 or 3 days and they're beginning to get worried. It turns out she was in the core, trying to train the new Carrier. She calls a team meeting to explain what's wrong. The Carrier is acting strangely and reluctantly, like an abused spouse. Angie thinks that Bendix did something to her, but The Carrier would only say that they need to find her "soul". Jenny is the first one to realize that The Carrier's soul is the baby universe that powers it.

Jenny examines the universe from the outside and does indeed believe that Bendix did something to it. She explains that every universe has a soul. A sort of personality created by the energies of the living things that reside within it. The soul of this baby universe seems to be scared and intimidated.

Jenny decides that she, Habib, and Angie will shrink to nano-size and venture into the baby universe.

Inside they encounter the sole planet within the universe and it's sentient inhabitants. They also meet the opressing thing that is keeping the universe scared. The details of what the universe, it's inhabitants and the oppressor are one of the things I still need to work out. While exploring, Angie notices that Jenny and Habib are uncomfortable around each other. Jenny tells Angie what happened and Angie gives her some advice about taking things slowly for once.

They manage to fight the oppressing force and exorcise it from the baby universe, but this means that they unleash it into The Carrier. Jenny, Angie, and Habib still have business inside the universe and Apollo, Midnighter, Jack, Swift and Rose are left to take care of what they let out. None of them can stop it's rampage and it becomes clear that it's trying to get out, when they suddenly receive some unexpected help.

The Carrier births a humanoid embodiment of itself that can turn into anything it wants. Think The Engineer but with shapeshifting abilities, telepathy, and no soft squishy human inside.

While this is going on, the rest of the team escapes but finds a whole new problem to deal with. Bendix put in a fail-safe so that when the thing he put in the baby universe is removed, the universe will start growing at an accelerated pace. Jenny and Habib must join their powers and fix this before it breaks free of it's cage and destroys everything. They soon find that-like how The Carrier is anchored to Earth but can go anywhere-Bendix anchored the baby universe to an alternate universe where time moves faster. Jenny and Habib manage to disanchor it, while The Carrier's new form destroys the thing they let loose.

After they're done, Habib kisses Jenny and all the adults do the pre-requisate "Aw isn't that sweet?" reaction.

Right now, I'm trying to decide what The Carrier's new body should be like. It's cool that it can create this avatar of itself, but the team already has a robot chick. I'm thinking that when it's not shapeshifting, it can take the form of a sort of robot dog. The Authority finally gets a pet.

I'll have to work this all out tonight.

What do you guys think?

Here's an Ultimates-style opening that I'm going to put on the first page (Once again, Authority spoilers):

At the dawn of the New Millennium, the world found itself defenseless and hopeless. Seven individuals stepped foward to make things right. Operating out of a shiftship the size of a city and fighting to make the world a better place, they are super-heroes for the Twenty First Century.
A dangerous world requires dangerous heroes.


After defeating several foes and battling God himself, The Authority lost their leader, Jenny Sparks. Her successor, Jenny Quantum was rescued as an infant from a crazed general and an army of Cold War super-heroes. Later, they killed a renegade Doctor threatening to destroy everything in his path. The Authority was almost wiped out by the leaders of the Free World and a team of establishment-obeying replacements, but as usual they returned in full force.

A series of colorful adventures led them to a new and radical mission: A takeover of the United States. However, in the face of a new American Revolution, The Authority relinquished control and disbanded. It was revealed three years later that the former menace to Stormwatch Henry Bendix, had returned and was repsonsible for the team's trouble and the recent death of the Doctor.

Led by a teenaged Jenny Quantum and accompanied by a new Doctor, the team killed Bendix. Replacing their destroyed Carrier with Bendix's and welcoming his now reformed partner-in-crime Rose Tattoo as their newest member, The Authority has risen from the ashes once again.​

Jenny Quantum-The 14-Year-Old Spirit of the Twenty First Century who may just be the most powerful girl in the Universe.

Apollo-A silver-haired sun god created by Henry Bendix. Adoptive father of Jenny Quantum.

The Midnighter-A dark warrior created by Henry Bendix who knows your every before you even make one. Husband of Apollo and father of Jenny.

Jack Hawksmoor-Alien implants turned Jack Hawksmoor into the master of all urban environments.

The Engineer-Angela Spica, a former scientist whose blood has been replaced with nine pints of liquid machinery.

The Doctor-A Palestinian suicide bomber named Habin Ben Hassen, the latest in a timeless line of Shamans charged with protecting Mother Earth.

Swift-A buddhist with the wings of a hawk and a fury to match.

Rose Tattoo-Formerly the Spirit of Murder, a gentler Rose is now the Spirit of Life.

The Carrier-A living shiftship the size of a city that can take the Authority to any place in this universe and beyond.


I've sketched out my ideas for the uncertain elements that I mentioned in my plot description.

The Carrier's human form will look like an ambiguous (in terms of gender) android with elements of The Carrier's design implemented into it. The proposed dog version will look pretty similar.

The only planet in the mini-universe with advanced sentient life will be a water planet. It's inhabitants will be a smart bacteria that has become a single consciousness (like Sublime from New X-Men). The dark oppressive thing will be an advanced telepathic brain-found and formatted by Bendix-that can turn it's thoughts into tangible shapes. It exists as a mind within an enormous black "though-cloud". It can worm it's way into people's minds and depress them, keeping anyone from getting close enough to it to hurt it's fragile brain core.

Of course, The Carrier isn't a human being though and therefore it thinks in binary code. The cloud can't keep it at bay and therefore it's the perfect person to simply reach inside of it, take it's brain out and squish it in it's hand. Because The Carrier can only think in binary, The Engineer can still only communicate with The Engineer and other machines (like the main character from Ex Machina, I believe), but body language is still pretty effective with the rest of the Authority.

Sketches will be posted soon.
I commented over at Ideastorm, but yeah, this sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for the feedback. Here's what I've got written of the script. Now I should point out that since I'm writing and drawing this, it's all dialogue (I'm plotting out the art as I write it). I'll try to include helpful descriptions, but this is gonna be a little bare-bones:

Re-Cap and Character Bios.

SPLASH PAGE (The Carrier flying over a giant feild of red)
CAP: The Carrier Sailing above The Rose Garden, where Love Flowers bloom and drift away to young minds.

PANEL 1 (Apollo and Midnighter looking out window)
APOLLO: Don't you find this all a bit...awkward?
APOLLO: Three years apart and in a few short weeks, we're a happy family again.
MIDNIGHTER: You call this a "happy family"? No wonder Jenny's so ****ed up.

JENNY: C'mon Habib. I won't bite...Unless I feel like it.
HABIB: I appreciate your affection Jenny, but I've never met someone so very forward. I can't just go against my beliefs...How I was raised...
JENNY: Yeah, I guess I understand.
HABIB: Thank you.

JENNY: So I guess this means you aren't going to **** me.
PANEL 2 (Habib walks out)
JENNY: Wait, don't-
JENNY: Oh bugger.
JENNY: Oh my god, did I just say "bugger"? Goddam Jenny Sparks.

PANEL 1 (Jack and Rose Tattoo in bed)
ROSE: You know, if we had done that a few weeks ago you'd be dead by now.
JACK: Oh trust me, it would have been worth it.
PANEL 2 (Swift walks in)
SWIFT: Hey Jack, have you-Ugh. Christ Jack, she's been on the team for less than three weeks? Do you have to bang every girl that wanders into your line of sight?

JACK: Mostly just the hot ones.
SWIFT: You are sick. And you and Angie have been together forever?
JACK: We've been close,...But I wouldn't say we've ever been "together".
SWIFT: Whatever you say. Speaking of Angie, I haven't seen her in two days.
JACK: She's been working with the new Carrier's brain. It's been tougher than she thought it would be.
PANEL 6 (Swift walks away)
SWIFT: Thanks...Pig...

PANEL 1 (Swift walks down the hall)
JACK: I heard that!
PANEL 2 (Swift comes to a doorway)
PANEL 3 (A hole begins to open in the floor in front of her)
SWIFT: Angie?

PANEL 1 (The Engineer rises up out of the floor)
PANEL 2 (Swift grabs her arm)
SWIFT: Angie.
PANEL 3 (The Engineer turns to Swift)
ENGINEER: Get everyone. We need to have a meeting.

I have more, but that's all I'm posting for tonight.

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