The Bird: 11 pages from the debut issue


Woah guys, enough with the responses! I know I'm talented but you're making me all embarrassed.

Anyways, I've made another issue of this comic, in case anyone gives a ****, its here again:

Each comic is an individual story, so you don't need to read one to get the other... but you should read both, because they are the best comics ever made

Heres the facebook page as well:



The Timeline Guy
I just read the first half of the first issue, and I must say, I liked it. The artwork fits the strange story well (in a way the art reminds me a bit of Eric Fogle's "The Head" animated series that aired on MTV's Oddities back in the mid-90's). I'm also interested to see how the story develops. Is he really just having paranoid delusions? Or is he really possessed with powers and fighting giants in the city?

I'm also impressed with you both writing and doing the art/painting by yourself and still putting it out on a regular basis. Well done, man, well done. I'll keep reading.

Also, if you do end up publishing the actual issues, please post a link or your email here, I'd probably purchase them. I'm a strong supporter of independent comics, and this seems promising. Good luck with it!

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