The Birthday Greeting Thread (...and you smell like one) 2

One request: No matter what, can we please leave the Weird Dreams thread open indefinitely(unless we museum the first one)? If I couldn't go back through it once in a while I'd go out of my mind.

I wish all the old, locked threads were still available to us. I'd love to go through old Social Threads and stuff sometime.
Damn you Josephi Kalickistein! I had a thread monopoly going.

Oh well, at least I only lost the Baltic Avenue of ongoing threads. And you all still have to use my railroads! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
I hate the rate you charge for the hotels.

*shakes fist*

My evil business practices strike again! That Mom&Pop store on the corner of Atlantic avenue?! It's getting torn down tomorrow and I'm going to build an overpriced hotel with lousy service and no mints on the pillows in its place!!! And you'll pay my exorbitant fees... because you have no choice when you get there!!!

Happy birthday, Dan.

You can read...

But you choose not to.
Thanks, everyone! Even Houde.

Got up today, ate Capn' Crunch and watched an episode of Samurai Jack. Then gf came home from an audition and we watched Serenity while having breakfast sandwiches and muffins from Dunkin Donuts. She got me...Professor Layton for the DS, the Genesis collection for the PS2, and No More Heroes for the Wii. Plus some candy. I love candy.
Then we met up with my mom and we went to a great BBQ restaurant in Times Square. Mom gave me...a gray polo shirt that may or may not look good on me. A pair of Super Mario pajama bottoms for lounging around the house. Plus, DVDs of The Muppet Show vol 2, Buffy Vol 3, the Dr. Strange animated movie, Chibi Robo for the Gamecube(Wii), and the What Were They Thinking trade paperback. After dinner we saw a production of Sunday in the Park With George. A good day. :D

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