The Brothers Solomon

"Craig's list came through!"

This has potential.

This looks hilarious.

How come suddenly, the AR cast is getting work again?

Probably just turn around time between the end of AD and when the work they've done since gets out.
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Will Forte. Will Arnett. Kristen Wiig. Ted from Scrubs. JENNA FISCHER(!!!!). And was that Shannon from LOST in the hot tub?

Best. Cast. Ever.

The cyclops line had me in stitches, by the way. :lol:
Re: Will Arnet. Will Forte. THE BROTHERS SOLOMON.

.... and Kristen Wiig, who is teh awesome.
This will be great. Love the poster, too.

I'm watching this right now.

Good god is it bad.

Who'd have thought David Cross would have had the better career coming out of Mr. Show?

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