The Cape TV show.


It's like the 90's all over again.
Hmmm. Vinnie Jones? Summer Glau? Verne Troyer?

First I was like :roll:

Then I was like :shock:

But I'm still kinda :?
I actually laughed when I saw the carnival.

It looks terrible.
It certainly does look cheesy, but it could be very good as a family show. Plus, the fact that it's not based on an established character means its potential is basically unlimited.

Also, I actually think the cape being his actual power is a really cool idea (that won't cost that much in an effects budget to look realistic) and I'm surprised nobody ever thought about it before. I'm really looking forward to this show.
for those curious like myself.....this will be premiering tonight on NBC

will comment again after watching, that is all
Just finished watching part 2. This series has a lot of potential, and is very entertaining, but at the moment, the concept and some of the acting is better than the execution. The writing really isn't as good as it ought to be.

They need to focus on setting up an arc (heh) that's bigger and richer than just "taking down the evil company while facing villains of the week". Get rid of Orwell/Oracle. I'm sick of superhero shows needing this character.

This show can do a lot with its concept. There's nothing wrong with the premise being so similar to Batman. The problem is that the plots are also too similar to the kind of thing you'd find in a Batman (or similar, powerless superhero vigilante) story. They need to be very different to what we've seen before.

Supernatural succeeded in spite of its clichéd premise.This show has every right to, as well. It has a good leading actor and a nice look to it. It just needs to pick up the pace a bit.
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it was.....okay. not the best thing in the world, and surly not the worst i've seen. it has room to grow and expand. did like the circus of criminals though.
The show is so outrageously cliched and hokey that it kind of loops back around and becomes watchable, because there's no "this is really good, I hope they don't blow it". It's just unashamed schlocky caped vigilante tv through-and-through.

It's also amazing how accurately they've captured the style and feeling of '90s superhero/action shows, but without falling into the cheap****tery that practically defined them. That's a plus.

Basically, the show is so fast-paced and actual-superhero-show-stuff packed that it's fun to watch. We'll see how it goes.

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