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Aug 24, 2006
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Does anyone here have a catchphrase or something?

Maybe it's because I'm not great at verbal communication, but I recently noticed that I have a bunch of these that I reuse at any oppurtunity. They are as follows:

"Crazy world, crazy world..."
"Aren't we all, in the end?"
"I've seen worse."
"It's alright Taylor! You have a girlfriend!" (This one needs some elaboration: the guy's has a habit of being hard on himself, so I use this to remind him he's got it good.)
"Sorry to hear that."
" it?" (discontinued)
"I wonder what my dog's doing?" (discontinued due to complaints)

And that's all I can remember for now.

So, anyone else?
"I've made a huge mistake." - Arrested Development

More when they come to me.
Hey brah, wanna go up to my room to play some Nintendo and listen to some Jack Johnson?
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Hey brah, wanna go up to my room to play some Nintendo and listen to some Jack Johnson?


Yes I do!

And I mean that in a completely non-homoerotic pedophilia way!

Who doesn't love saying "Brah"...playing Nintendo...and listen to the awesome soothing beach melodies of Jack Johnson?
It used to be "Why are there so many obstacles in my life?" whenever I encountered some small inconvenience, like if I left my wallet in my car and had to go out and get it or something.

But then my friend wrote a song called that and I stopped saying it so much.
The military is filled with them. Too many.

The Army's famous for saying "Too Easy" instead of saying "I can do that".

Instead of saying "I'll remember that"...I'll slide my hand across the side of my head and say "Filed".
To bad your hand had paint in it.

I tend to add, "Cause I have a big penis" to the end of sentences, for no other reason than stating the fact I have a penis that is unusually large.


My other one is, "I wasn't (insert whatever I was doing) I'm big boned."

For example, "I wasn't sleeping, I'm big boned."


"I wasn't playing Fallout 3, I'm big boned."

More as they come to me, cause I have a big penis.
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Am I going to have to pelvic thrust my way to victory?


You're a credit to your race, by which I mean (insert occupation here.)
I shout wierd things sometimes instead of cursing. but that's usually follwed by a curse word too.

like, "Ka-Cha!," and then "****bag!!!"

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