The Crew Of The Serenity Vs. The Crew Of The Bebop

Who would win between the main cast of Cowboy Bebop and the main cast of Firefly?

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Aug 24, 2006
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Partially because this has been bugging me, and partially because the popular debate right now doesn't impress me.

The space western shows Firefly and Cowboy Bebop have a lot in common, spawing a lot of comparisons between them. Sometimes they also include Outlaw Star, which I won't for the sake of simplicity. We'll also assume that both crews are at their best and their full crew is there. Here's my quick assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

Firefly Cast:
The Serenity has the best numbers, and a chain of command. It has the largest number of dedicated fighters, a professional medic, and River freaking Tam. The group also has a strong familial bond, which can be pretty handy. However, the Serenity itself doesn't have any real weapons. And this is speculation on my part, but I really doubt River can take a lot of punishment.

Cowboy Bebop Cast:
The crew are bounty hunters by trade and fighting is what they do. The Serenity's crew are by no means strangers to a good brawl, but they're more focused on staying aloft and taking whatever job they can get. They're not specialized like the Bebop. Spike is probably the single best fighter out of all of them, besides River. Ed (and Ein) are brilliant hackers who can take over other ships. Plus, the Bebop has two dogfighters that can fire big honking lasers. However, they're not really organized, and they aren't really that close, though the finale implied they were getting there.

Take your picks!

EDIT: I am aware that some people, and by some people, I mean Bass, will not be familiar with both shows. For your convienence, here's links to both shows wikipedia articles.
I actually wrote up some quick character summaries, but something went wrong in the original post.
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The Bebop out of fanboyism. Firefly didn't really impress when it came out. i think I might have been mad at that particular show because if memory serves, it kicked Keen Eddie out of that particular timeslot and KE was eventually cancelled.
The Bebop crew has the Firefly cast out gunned, as soon as it turns into a space dog-fight Serenity is dead in the water.
Yes, but wearing a cowboy hat, hence Cowboy Bebop. I think they even made an action figure back in the day, came in a 2-pack with Native American Rocksteady.

bahaha, they probably did.

Cowboy Beebop and Rocksteady

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