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Sep 26, 2005
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I was thinking that we could start a new game in the vein of the Ultimization Game, only without the time constraints or any of the limits. What it is is that one person must name two random properties, be it from TV, movies, games, etc., and in the following post, another person will give a bare reasoning on how the two would crossover, and what would happen. This doesn't have to be long at all, even lasting only three sentences, if that. After giving this explaination and bare plot, at the bottom of the post, the person will then name two more properties. Somebody else following that post will give an explanation and plot, and at the bottom of his post give another two properties, and so on. Properties can be used more than once, but the same crossover can not (I.E. CSI can be reused, as long as they're not paired once again with, say, Law & Order). If anybody needs help in thinking of a crossover, go to I'll start us off. Also note that humorous and crazy crossovers are encouraged.

Smallville and Lost.
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Doc Comic said:
Smallville and Lost.

At the opening of Season 4 of Smallville we see Clark flying thru the air at incredible speeds, in search of the Krypton Crystals.

While flying thru the air he rips straight thru a 747, causing the plane and it's passengers to crash onto a mysterious island.

Boom done! 8)
Awesome. Now remember, at the end of your post, you put two more properties. You can reuse one of them if you want to, though, like Smallville and CSI or Lost and Sopranos, or you can use two new ones.
Victor Von Doom said:
24 and Prisonbreak
Michael Scofield has 24 hours to break out of prison or else the bomb strapped to Jack Bauer's daughter will explode and the terrorists will prevail! He breaks out only to find out that the whole thing was one, big government conspiracy and he gets arrested...again!

(okay, so not as good as Vic Von Doom's!).

Next ones are: Indiana Jones and Star Wars!
Indiana Jones and Star Wars!

A worm hole swallows the millenum falcon and the people on board get scattered across our world. When Princess leia shows someone a picture of Han solo they say "ahhhh I know him" and take her to indiana Jones by mistake!!!

Buffy the vampire slayer and Spider-man!
The Venom symbiote, having left Mac Gargan, finds a recently desouled Vampire by the name of Angelus and takes him as a host. Spiderman hunts down Vengelus, only to run into a Miss Buffy Summers, who has been tracking the host of the symbiote. The two team up, and along with the help of Faith, and Spike capture Vengelus. Willow re-ensouls Angel, who now battles with not only the demon inside of him, but the demon on the outside as well....

Stargate SG-1 and The Fantastic Four
The Stargate teams opens a wormhole at the precise moment the sun emits a solar flare. This leads them to the Negative zone, in which they need to stave off the forces of a rogue Kree nation hiding in the Negative Zone.

They do this, and close the portal.

Firefly and Farscape
Having been hit with experimental weapons form their respective universes the both ships end up in a spatial anomoly(SP?). Both the farscape crew and the firefly crew find themselves on a new ship which is a fusing of their old ships. Tempers and egos flare as this new crew finds themselves in a new universe with a slew of new enemies.
Read or Die(Anime) & Teen Titans
Is everyone else as clueless as me about what Read or Die is?

Isn't that already a crossover between Puffy and the Give a Hoot owl?
The Brotherhood of Evil is at it again, having found ancient manuscripts detailing how to obtain immortality! When one of the manuscripts is stolen from the British National Library, secret agent Yumiko Readman aka "The Paper" is dispatched to get to the rest of the manuscripts before the Brotherhood and foil their plans at all costs. The location of the second script? Raven's personal library! Yumiko teams up with the Titans in a race against time to find the remaining manuscripts before the Brother Hood of Evil!

Lobo and the Runaways.
(Let's revive this game, eh?)

Having agreed to a contract against a pair of sorcerers known as the Minoru's, Lobo hauls *** for the dimension they tend to frequent, only to get caught in an intergalactic battle between two races known as the Kree and Skrull. And when he finds out that a school of space dolphins was a victim of the cross-fire, both races fail to survive.

In the wake of this genocide, Lobo's nose leads him to Earth, where the royal lineages to both races and the child of his bounty are making their home...

Preacher and Dark City.
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