The Crossovers are getting to me...


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Sep 6, 2004
Washington, PA
And I don't even mean the ones we're dealing with now. They're easy. Noooo, I had to get a full run of the Suicide Squad, wich seems to have participated in every line wide crossover DC did in about 6 years. Mellenium, War of the Gods, Legends... And to top it off it had an inter-series crossover with Checkmate, plus an issue of Firestorm, Manhunter, and Captain Atom. If I want to read the story I have to get those issues too... I've found Checkmate (full run for $15) but one issue of Firestorm? I'm mighty cheesed.

On the upside I got to see Grant Morrison die in the War of the Gods crossover issue. :D
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Ultimate Houde said:
This is why I didn't understand Inifinite Crisis
Infinate Crisis was fairly well contained in its Mini. A few of these Suicide Squad issues seem like if you didn't pick it up then you'd be left wondering what happened to the Manhunter Temple that was so damn important. And the damned Janus Directive storyline is whats really getting to me.
This is why All-Star needs to be expanded to a proper imprint.

I like the a lot of the characters -- AND the creators involved -- but I won't spend my cash on the overly inter-dependent DCU titles.

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