The Dresden Files (books)

I finished it.

It tries to finish up Loose Ends. Should have been the title for the book.

I'll spoil more later on, when more people have a chance to read. The last quarter does a decent job, but at this point Harry is way too powerful to continue writing a book about. He needs to change to a different character.
read the 1st book a couple of weeks ago and finished the 2nd one tonight.

Enjoyed the first book, it took a little bit to find the right rhythm, but once you figure out how the world works it becomes quite a good read

the 2nd book started out VERY good, and became then became...ehh... in the middle, but finished out FANTASTICALLY.

I have no love for the character known as Murphy. everyone else is cool.

i'll probably start the 3rd here in a couple days if nothing else gets my attention.
Spoliers for the new book, which is titled Ghost Stories.

Evidently the next book is Harry investigating his own death.
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forgot to post here,

finished the series a while ago. i really enjoyed the last 2 books. it made me sad what happened to Susan in the end, but guess that either good or bad story telling. guess we'll find out with the next book. which im looking forward to.

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