The Escapists series discussion (Spoilers!)


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Sep 15, 2004
This is my new favourite book. #1 was alright, nothing too great, but #2 was ****ing awesome. I can't wait for more Escapist awesomeness. :rockon:
I enjoyed #1. But I have to wait to see when #2 will come into my comic shop since I didn't place the advanced order.:cry:
This comic is my favorite comic book out right now.

When I read #2, I didn't even realize there was a new artist on board. The other guy just penciled #1.
There's a lot going for it, that's for sure. I just hope people can look into it with an open mind and not discredit it because it's not from the Big Two. This book deserves to be super popular, not some underground hit.
Holy crap!!! How did I miss this thread???

I love the Escapist!!!! Like Proj said--#1 was ok....but #2 was just pure awesomeness. Loved the ironic twist.
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This is still great....but it's running outta steam. #4 picked it up again but still---with only 2 more issues left I wonder how it's all gonna play out.

This'll be an awesome read as a TPB.
This was the best mini of 2006.
Wasn't some of Mouse Guard this year? Either way... these two were way better than anything that came out.

I'm pretty sure there was some Escapist this year as well. But yeah...they were a lot better than some of the other things released.
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