The Extraordinary Scarlet Spider


Dec 9, 2005
hey everyone, i'm beginning to write a fan fic. it's called The Extraordinary Scarlet Spider. and it showcases the Ultimate Scarlet Spider. and i could use some help developing ideas for it. if u could help me out and post some info or storylines u'd like to see, that'd be great.
The one idea I heard for Clone Saga that I liked was a clone of Peter ending up on the X-Men.
Are you going with Ben Reily being Spider-man's clone? Cause I think it would be better if it was the result of an experiment to give other people Spider powers, and Ben Reily could be the only successful subject. Kane being a failure and maybe one guy who was thought of being a success later turns into the Man-spider
i was going to have the Extraordinary Scarlet Spider take place in an alternate Ultimate universe. (it'd give us more options to play around with) but I was going to have him called Reilly Benson but then I decided to keep Ben Reily (or Reilly). but he is Peter's cousin that's living with Aunt May and Uncle Ben as well. and i was thinking that instead of having Peter get bit by the spider, I'll have something happen that'll put Ben in Peter's place (such as class jerk Flash Thompson shoving Ben into Peter for no reason at a field trip, and the spider bites him instead of Peter)
hey everyone, still coming along with issue 1. i think i'll defintely set this in an alternate reality to Ultimate Spidey. cuz i was considering turning Peter into Venom, in this reality. but one thing that we will be seeing is an Ultimate Prowler.
hey everyone, i'm looking for a collaborator to help me with The Extraordinary Scarlet Spider. if ur interested in helping with anything, pm me. if u have some interesting ideas on how to spin the spidey mythos, pm me. because The Extraordinary Scarlet Spider takes place in an alternate ultimate marvel universe. so Peter Parker is not Spider-Man.

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