The Falcon costume idea


Without him, all of you would be lost souls roamin
Feb 23, 2005
Sorta late to post this, but here's my costume design for the Falcon (if he joined the Ultimates).

TheManWithoutFear said:
Looks good moonmaster.

Thanks. :D

Heres some extra info on the costume. The shaded areas would be black;the glove and boot lining would be white; the V-shape on the chest and the main portion of the boots would be red (as would be the goggles). In case you didn't know it's a variation on his 616 costume.
That's a cool pic there Moonmaster. Got anymore to show us?
ProjectX2 said:
That's a cool pic there Moonmaster. Got anymore to show us?

Maybe. I haven't even drawn him in this costume (there were like 6 different versions before it) since I made this sketch. Maybe I'll do another one tonight. I made up costume designs for Ultimate versions of Wonder Man and She Hulk and was gonna post them tonight, but I was having trouble with Plus I'm thinking about posting something in the fan art thread tomorrow.
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I kinda like the military look he had in Nightmare. Still, the design isn't bad. I'll sketch one up when I'm in my studio today and try to post it later.

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