The fate of the Ultimate Universe.

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Mystery Marvel Ultimate Comics For February?

Last year, the Marvel Ultimate titles were all cancelled, replaced by individual Cataclysm mini-series, which come to a conclusion in February. And then… nothing? Aside from something called Survive in March. And we’re all wondering what April will bring.

Unless it’s something February will bring. Because the Marvel site has two listings, one for Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #35 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #32.

The numbering would fit the issue numbers, if the Cataclysm mini-series had been included in the regular numbering. It could be a placeholder. It be just a glitch in the system. Could Marvel really be preparing some kind of stealth publication?


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I just don't think the Ultimate line is cared for enough or important enough for all of this secrecy.


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I agree, people came out if the woodwork at the news that the line might be cancelled, better just to tell everyone if it's over. Surely more people might buy the comics if they know they'll be an ending? More people I would think would also collect the volumes because unlike the regular series they can collect them knowing they have them all
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