The future of the New Mutants


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Jun 11, 2004
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Thanks for the info. I wonder if any of the characters cameoed in the New Mutants arc will make future appearances. Bishop was on there too, correct?
Bishop was on there too, correct?

Yes...I don't remember if he was mentioned by name as Bishop though...
I believe he was... He had a criminal record so they canned his acceptance on to the team. The president had very silly reasons for the team he chose. Like the silly reasons that we went into Iraq! :)
Yeah, I know that... That was a great thing to have in there about Polaris. I'd like to see Havok and her work out there troubles, though... Now that Havok has this "new life".
Maybe Emma and Havok can start the New Mutants with a different school, kinda like the way the Defenders come about. Also, has Polaris' status been clarified? Is she still at the school?
What school? She never actually showed up. She was only shown in a picture with Havok and was talked about.

And it had nothing to do with the school; she was mentioned as a possibility for the President's team.
What was the Hellfire Club's role in the book. I don't have those issues. Is it possible Emma could have an alliance with them? Possibly training members for the Hellions?
The HFC was in one issue... They were these rich people that funded Xavier's school and were throwing in their chips for the Phoenix and Sebastian Shaw waited until Jean's powers to freak to capture them. He conjured the Phoenix and his death as well. Nothing really was done wit them after that.
That's the only thing I didn't like in Millars run. He just killed them off as if they were no one. They could have served a good purpose. But anyways, lets get back on topic....
That's good. That is, if he were to build them up and have them as formidable villains... If they were in one double-sized issue and they die, that's a waste. Millar did wrong with them AND the Phoenix.
Yes, thats exactly what I think, and my friend who reads it. But maybe they can come back like saying that wasnt really them or something. I dont know.

But I would like to see the X-Men fight someone in the future who they would have a lot of trouble defeating.
Magneto? I think there is always some degree of difficulty when the X-Men are fighting villains,regardless of their status.

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