The Goon


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Sep 15, 2004
It looks good. Art rocks.

Baxter, sell me on it.
The Goon is a troubled soul. After his rough childhood of circus work he watched his poor aunt gunned down infront of him by a mobster named Labrazio. After beating him to death with his bare hands The Goon took Labrazio's hat and marker book and started off on a life of crime, now impersonation an enforcer for the man he killed.

Heres where it gets wierd. Now a crime boss in act, and a respected enforcer in name The Goon must contend with the undead hordes of the Zombie Priest, an evil little man who raises the dead for his own personal army, based out of Lonely street. The Goon has allies against him such as Buzzard, a ghoul that feasts upon the flesh of the undead, Frankie, his childhood friend, and hte sometimes ally sometimes enemy Dr Hieronymous Alloy, a mad scientist thats replaced his skin with a golden metal.

Now that the basics are down, this is a very fun book. Anything can happen, from Giant Zombie Chimps to Hobo Cannibals. Powel is currently finishing up his Chinatown OGN wich will fill in alot of the Goons backstory, including several events that they keep hinting at in the ongoing. Apparently there was a woman involved... So he can finish they're putting out a mini called Goon: Noir with diffrent creators taking on the world of The Goon, including comedian Patton Oswalt. Each issue pairs a high calibur horror artist with a comedian on the pen, so it should be a great read too.

I know the first issue is on Dark Horse's website, so I'll check that out. I'll try read some more if I like it.

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