The greatest game in the world right now...

Pfft. Morrowind and Oblivion? I'd say the entire Elder Scrolls series is one big SNOOOOOZZZZEEEEE.

Arena and Daggerfall, the first two installments, did have excellent character creation systems though.
final fantasy 7 is probably the greatest game in the world ever, or street fighter alpha 3!!!! TIGEERRRRRR UPPERCUTT!!!!!!!!
Even though I don't have an x-box 360 and I can't play these types of games because they give me a headache because of the second analog stick that you have to use when controling the gun the best game is gears of war. My friend plays it. Let me tell you that game looks awsome!!!! :D
MMORPGs are for homos.

Fight Night, though, is one of the coolest series to ever come out. Analog control in sports games is about the coolest thing ever. Fight Night, Tiger Woods, and MVP are ALL the ****.

But, I haven't picked up Round Three, yet. What's new this time? Is there a better career mode?
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World of Warcraft.

'Nuff said.

Wow is good looking and cool for like...2 months. Community sucks and this new alliance race seems stupid. I played this for like 6 or 9 months...I want these months back :(

City Of Villains rocks...whoop.

I think I'm playing more City of Heroes then CoV, but they both rocks. Mainly because the "expansions" are free. :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

MMORPGs are for homos.

Oh so you play it too? :D
I hereby stand by my original retraction which was made in agreement with Proj - Battlefront II is the greatest game ever.

I couldn't get used to the controls on Fight Night Round 3 for XBox.
Even though I will most likely never own an X Box, I'm gonna vote for Dead Rising.

Its absolutely incredible.

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