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Sep 15, 2004
The Hulk #1:
“Person of Mass Destruction” Part 1

Cell 616, The Vault, Texas. Currently inhabited by Dr. Robert ‘Bruce’ Banner AKA The Hulk.

Dr. Robert ‘Bruce’ Banner awoke with a start. He jolted upright immediately, the sweat dripping off his face and hitting his legs. His blue eyes were wide open, alert to his surroundings. He struggled to get out of bed, his sweaty clothes sticking to the soaked bed sheets. He remembered his horrible nightmare from before, and shivered. Why wouldn’t the Hulk leave him alone? The creature had ruined his life all those months ago, and now it dominated his dreams. Bruce drove the horrid thoughts from his mind and went and sat on the soft blue couch. Blue was not his favourite colour, but it was designed to sooth his mind, as a red coloured couch would anger him.

“Bruce, did you have a good sleep?” A voice spoke over the speakers. The voice system made the person sound like a machine.

“Yes.” Bruce simply replied, lying. The man who had asked the question moved into view. This man was Doctor Leonard Samson. ‘Doc Samson’, as Bruce called him, was Bruce’s therapist. He had long brown hair, and it was tied back into a ponytail. He wore a simple white lab coat over a pair of denim jeans and brown shoes. All Bruce wore was a plain white shirt and some purple shorts – after all, when you’re locked away in the middle of a secret desert military base, you don’t have to care what you look like.

“You’re lying,” Doc Samson mumbled. “You don’t need to lie to me Bruce. That ‘Son of Satan’ guy in Cell 666 does that to me enough.”

“Why are you here? My next therapy lesson isn’t until this afternoon.” Bruce asked, scratching his brown hair.

“Do I need a reason to visit my favourite patient?” Doc Samson smirked.

“God, can’t I just be left alone for once? Do you know how many times Thor visits saying he’s sorry?” Bruce exclaimed, standing up in a rage.

“Calm down, Bruce…” Doc Samson said softly. “I’m only joking.”

“Then why are you here?” Bruce turned around, a scared look creeping across his face.

“I’ve been talking to a friend of mine, in Los Angeles. He goes by the name of ‘Doctor Strange’. Recently, he helped me contact my inner self. You see Bruce; everyone has a bit of evil in them. Together, this evil is known as ‘The Dread Dormammu’, and it tries to dominate over our body, mind and soul. I believe this ‘Dormammu’ has bonded with the Hulk, so it’s making it harder to fight back.” Doc Samson paused for effect. “I’m trying to get Doctor Strange in here, so he can talk with you. What do you say?”

Bruce stared back blankly. “What do I say? I think your friend is a crack head.”

“Well, now that I think about it…” Doc Samson was cut off by the sound of lights going off. Darkness covered cell 616.

“Now, stay calm Bruce…” Doc Samson whimpered, but it was already too late.

“You know, when I was a little boy, I was always afraid of the dark…” A hoarse whisper reached Doc Samson’s ears.

“Oh ****!” Was all Doc Samson could say as he was shoved against a steel wall and knocked out instantly. Banner was out, Hulk was in.

Control Centre, The Vault, Texas.

Panic spread amongst the staff of The Vault. A virus had hit the main computer, causing power to shut down in a few areas. Fortunately, only one of these areas contained a single cell. Unfortunately, this cell contained the man known as Bruce Banner.

As the back-up computers came on, cameras focused on a giant green man running through the various hallways. A man with white hair and a strong build watched the video. His name was General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, and he was the leader of the U.S. Army, and managed control over The Vault, the first superhuman prison.

“Captain Blonsky, get some soldiers down there! Don’t let this freaking gorilla escape us now!” Ross spat, pointing a finger at a soldier.

“Yes sir,” Captain Blonsky replied, signalling for a squad of soldiers to follow him.

“God, I hope this punk don’t escape…” Ross mumbled. “Or Fury will have my head…”

The Courtyard, The Vault, Texas.

Bullets ricocheted everywhere as the Hulk forced his way through various obstacles. Possessing incredible strength, invulnerability, speed and endurance, the Hulk could practically do anything. An insane soldier ran towards him, armed only with a knife. As the soldier leaped into the air, determined to plant the knife into the monster’s neck, Hulk swung his arm around, swatting him out of the air like a fly. More soldiers began to crowd around Hulk, and started poking at him with electric prods. They merely itched Hulk, and Hulk grabbed one of the prods and snapped it in two. He grabbed another one, and used it as a spear to kill one of the snipers on the roof. After a while, Hulk got tired of playing with the weaklings, and raising his fists into the air, he quickly brought them down again, creating a small shockwave and bring all the nearby soldiers to the ground. It was as the soldiers prepared a number of rocket launchers that the Hulk realised he had been made a fool. They were merely distractions, now came the real assault. Around five missiles were fired, and Hulk turned around and ran. Using his arms to propel him, he launched himself into the air, just dodging one of the missiles. They were gaining on him, but if he could get enough speed he could escape them. That was when the helicopter appeared.

“Stay still!” Someone shouted over the speakers as Hulk made his way slowly closer to the helicopter. It was armed with a few missile launchers and chain guns, but nothing Hulk couldn’t handle. He had realised the missiles were heat seekers a few seconds ago, and now his plan came into action. He leaped towards the helicopter and smashed into it, causing it to fall a few feet in the air, and then leaped over it. The missiles had no room to manoeuvre, and blasted into the helicopter, erupting into a gigantic fireball. There was no sign of the Hulk.

“Where the hell is he?” General Ross’ voice boomed over the radio.

“We don’t know sir, we don’t know.” Captain Blonsky replied, looking into the distance.

The Nevada Desert, Nevada.

The car suddenly stopped, as a door flew open and a young woman rushed out. She had long black hair, and was quite slim. As she hurried over to a man, naked apart from some torn purple shorts, she asked if he was alright.

“Yes, I – I need a ride…” The man rasped, as the lady helped him to his feet.

“Well, I’m heading to Los Angeles. When I get there I can take you to a hospital, or – or get you some food or something?” The woman replied. “By the way, my name’s Jen. Jennifer Walters.” She smiled.

“Thanks.” The man replied, as he was helped to her car.

“I don’t normally allow naked strangers into my cat, at least, not anymore. So, what’s your name?” She grinned.

“My name? It’s Rick. Rick Jones.” Bruce Banner lied, as he rested in the seat of the cat and enjoyed the trip to the City of Angels.

To Be Continued
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I loved it. It was chock full of easter eggs, like the cell number, the person who picks him up, and the alias he uses.
Doc Comic said:
I loved it. It was chock full of easter eggs, like the cell number, the person who picks him up, and the alias he uses.

Did you see what room Son of Satan is in?
This is a good starting off chapter. I liked the references, and the mentions of Doc. Strange, Son of Satan, and Walters. Can't wait to see how that goes later on.

The line at the end was awesome. Great job. NOW WRITE MORE, PUNK! :D
Good chapter dude, really, i liked the part of Doc Strange talking about Dormmanu. I wanna see now Hulk strikes Los Angeles! =P
The Hulk #2:
“Person of Mass Destruction” Part 2

The Board Room, The Vault, Texas.

Captain Glen Talbot looked at the people around the long table. There was Nick Fury, head of S.H.I.E.L.D. There was General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, head of the U.S. Army. Last but not least, was Tony Stark, one of the smartest men in the world and known as the superhero ‘Iron Man’. Rounding up the group, was Captain Emil Blonsky, an associate of Tony’s known as James Rhodes and a group of soldiers. They were the people who were going to get the Hulk back.

“Gentlemen,” General Ross started. “I’d like you to meet Captain Talbot, who is in charge of recovering the Hulk. We’ve gathered you all here today, to discuss what our plan of action is. Talbot?”

“Thank you General.” Talbot stated as he rose out of his chair. “You’ve all been briefed on the Hulk’s origin and his powers. You know all about Bruce Banner and his personality. But now, he’s a whole new game. We need a way of getting him back. Tony Stark has offered early plans of his Hulkbuster mech suits, and a more lethal version of the Iron Man armour, which is currently codenamed ‘War Machine’. However, we need to figure out a way of pinpointing where exactly Bruce Banner and/or the Hulk are, and we need to figure that out fast.” He stated.

A brown-haired man entered the room, wearing a white lab coat. He held many papers in his hands, and sat down next to Talbot.

“This is Doctor Leonard Samson, who was working with Bruce Banner before he escaped. We still don’t know who caused the power failure, but we know it was deliberate. We’re guessing one of our enemies, maybe Hydra, hacked into the system.” Talbot explained, and then looked towards Doc Samson. “Doctor?”

“Yes, Captain Talbot. Using Bruce Banner’s DNA, which I accumulated before the escape, I shall upload it to the new satellite that Tony Stark has kindly donated (Tony Stark nodded), and use it as a tracking device.” Doc Samson stated.

“Very well gentlemen,” Ross boomed. “We have a plan to initiate. Banner could be all the way in Los Angeles right now…”

The Doctor’s Apartment, Los Angeles. Home to Stephen Strange, and his superhero team known as The Defenders.

Bruce Banner looked at the door he had stopped in front of. There was a poorly spray-painted sign on the door, which Bruce interpreted said ‘The Defenders’. In the middle of a door, was a giant eye. The word ‘Agamotto’ was around it. The eye distracted Bruce, until a faint smell of some kind of drug wafted through the air. It hit Bruce like a ton of bricks, and he opened the door.

A dark-skinned man with no top on was putting out a small fire with a tea cloth. Another man, small in size, was wearing a shiny silver helmet. He seemed to be talking into it, as if trying to communicate with something. The last man, who Bruce presumed was Doctor Strange, was sitting on the ground, meditating. The smoke blew his way, and he inhaled it and sighed.

“Ah, you guys, we have a visitor?” The man in the helmet stated. Doctor Strange’s eyes opened, and Luke Cage looked around.

“Yo, who are you homie?” The black man asked, as he finally put out the small fire that had probably gone out of control.

“Um, I’m Rick Jones. I’ve been told that a certain ‘Doctor Strange’ is pretty good at helping people.” Bruce lied.

“You’re mistaken,” Doctor Strange announced as he stood up and then continued. “My father is the Doctor Strange you’re looking for, but he lives in New York City now.”

“Oh well, I guess I’ll be leaving then.” Bruce stated as he turned to leave.

“Don’t be stupid,” Doctor Strange suddenly blurted out. “The Eye of Agamotto has recognized you as a future ally in the war to come. Therefore, we shall help you with your troubles.”

“Oh thanks, I guess?” Bruce was unsure.

“Yo, you don’t need to be nervous, ya know?” The black man exclaimed. “Close that door behind you homie…”

Bruce Banner had never been so afraid in his life. As he sat on the couch, he looked at the three people across from him. One was Doctor Strange, who’s real name was Stephen Strange. He was obviously a pot-head, and was wearing a long cloak. His black hair was slicked back, and his hands were always together. The next person was Power Man. Power Man was a black man, who’s real name was Luke Cage. Apparently, he had been busted on a drug raid, and had been sent to prison. Now that he was out, he wanted to turn his life around by being a superhero. The last man was known as Ant-Man. Scott Lang was a thief. He had been working on the Ant-Man helmet, a helmet than when worn, would allow the user to talk to ants. He had been working on a growth formula as well, with Dr. Hank Pym. However, Hank eventually got together with a young woman, and had moved onto bigger projects. Scott stole the helmet and the formula, and had decided to become a superhero.

Together the three were known as the Defenders. What they were defending, Bruce didn’t know.

“So, what are you homie? Some kind of mutant?” Power Man suddenly exclaimed.

“No, I’m technically a ‘Homo sapiens novus’. But I’d prefer not to discuss my whole background just yet. All you’ve got to know is that there’s another voice in my head, that I fear is trying to take over.” Bruce Banner tried to explain, without revealing too much about the Hulk.

“It is obvious that the Dread Dormammu is trying to take over your mind, body and soul. We must work together, to drive him out, before he becomes too powerful.” Doctor Strange explained.

“You’re still high.” Ant-Man mumbled.

“My contact on the astral plane thinks different.” Doctor Strange smirked.

“Yo, your contact is a duck. Called Howard. No one’s called Howard these days, homie.” Power Man grunted, scratching his face. Bruce thought he must have added in the words ‘yo’ and ‘homie’ into every sentence or otherwise he wouldn’t be a clichéd black ‘gangsta’.

“Can we just get on with it? This is really pathetic.” Bruce stated, getting bored rather quickly.

“Oh crap, yo,” Power Man stuttered. He grabbed Doctor Strange and shook him. “He’s clocked out.”

“Does he always do this?” Bruce asked, curious. These were the strangest and lamest superheroes he had ever met.

“Yeah, he does it quite a lot homie. When he comes to he makes excuses that he was meeting on the astral plane and ****, ya know?” Power Man explained as his hands clenched into fists.

“Not really, no…” Bruce murmured under his breath. He looked down and to his suprisement say hundreds of ants crawling all over his legs.

“Holy ****!” Bruce screamed as he launched into the air, brushing his legs frantically.

“Oh God!” Ant-Man yelled as he fumbled with his helmet. “It’s gone haywire again!”

But it was too late.

This was the last straw.

“I’ve had enough!” Bruce Banner boomed, with a voice that was not his. His skin began to change colour, and he suddenly grew in mass. In a few seconds, the incredible form of the Hulk stood where Bruce Banner once was.

“Um, Bruce?” Ant-Man asked, finally ripping off the helmet.

“Bruce not home. Hulk now.” The Hulk grunted as he smacked Ant-Man away with the back of his hand. Power Man charged forward and thrust his fist into the Hulk’s chest. The sound of breaking bones was heard.

“Puny human.” Hulk head butted Power Man, who fell to the floor, instantly unconscious. He looked over towards where Doctor Strange was still sitting, peacefully. He trudged through the room and towards the wall. With a quick push, he smashed the entire wall. He looked behind him.

“Geek.” He grunted at Doctor Strange, and then leaped out in the City of Angels.

The Board Room, The Vault, Texas.

Tony Stark held up a piece of paper, showing everyone something.

“This is a prototype Hulkbuster mech. Combining Sentinel technology with my Iron Man system; I’ve created a giant robot that we can control to take down the Hulk. Four are ready to be piloted. They will form a team, and they will be led by my friend James Rhodes, who will pilot the new War Machine armour I have designed. This unit of five should be enough to take down the Hulk. The only problem is that we’re not allowed to bring them in a certain radius of a populated area.” Tony Stark explained, as his audience looked at the plans of the Hulkbuster.

“So, what you’re saying is that we need a mole? So we can bring them Hulk out into the open?” General Ross asked.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying General.” Tony grinned.

“I have just the person.” Fury smirked, and then grabbed his phone. He called S.H.I.E.L.D. control and told them to put a call through to his ‘special contacts’ in New York. After a minute, he hung up his phone and peered around at the other members of the group.

“What is it Nick?” Tony asked, curious as to what Fury had planned.

“One word gentlemen; Wolverine.”

To Be Concluded
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Doc Comic said:
1/5. You turned my favorite Marvel character into some messed up stoner.
That isnt the same guy you're thinking. As you read, that's the SON, NOT the father, who is the one you're thinking of.

But overall, a good job, and great references. :)
Very, very good story ^_^

I love how you set the mood for Bruce when he's having to deal with the Hulk inside him. I'm gonna keep this bookmarked to read more, and I think I might take some lessons from you when doing fan-fics.

Thanks for all the comments.

I've edited the above chapters so they've all got the same layout as my other fanfics and stories. I've also edited Doc Samson's hair colour, as that is a relevant plot point later on in the story.
Well, this looks pretty good, as far as it's gone. I like the cast of characters you’ve assembled for this piece. You mentioned that this is set in Ice’s “Marvel Universe”, so that would explain the mixture of regular and Ultimate Marvel characteristics I’m seeing here. (It’s also going to make keeping the continuity straight much more of a challenge, but I’ll manage.)

Together the three were known as the Defenders. What they were defending, Bruce didn’t know.
Yes, I agree, some of the superhero team names really don’t tell us much, do they? :)

Pardon me while I indulge in a round of “geek-ness”:
"homo sapiens novus"
Presumably this is meant to designate someone who started out as “normal” human but was then medically or otherwise genetically altered. “Homo superior” would be humans who are born with the mutant X-gene, correct? Or are you placing them both in the same “family”, and mutants are also considered “homo sapiens novus”?

Just out of curiosity, why would Dr. Sampson go to Dr. Strange, Jr. instead of Dr. Strange, Sr., who presumably is more experienced in whatever it was that Sampson was consulting him about? And how much credence should we give this "Dormammu" theory, anyway? Or will this be explained later in the story?
As for your first question, I consider genetically-enhanced humans as Homo sapiens novus, and mutants as Homo sapiens superior.

As for Doc Samson and the Stranges, I was actually trying to imply that it was the Senior Strange who was the 'proper' Doctor Strange and the man who Samson visited.

And Dormammu, he's nothing you have to worry about.
The Hulk #3
“Person of Mass Destruction” Part 3

Los Angeles, California

The mutant known as Wolverine leaped off the road on his dirt bike.

He was trailing a gamma-powered monster known as The Hulk.

Nick Fury had contacted him, and he had provided transport to Los Angeles.

Apparently, Wolverine was the only one who could stand up against The Hulk for longer than a few minutes.

A few metres away, The Hulk turned around.

A man on a dirt bike was heading towards him. Hulk didn’t like dirt bikes.

“Puny human!” Hulk boomed as he charged towards the vehicle.

“Wrong,” Wolverine cried. “I’m not a human. I’m a mutant. And I’m not puny either, bub!”

He leapt from the dirt bike and it smashed into Hulk’s arm, who flung it away.

Wolverine flew through the air, and landed on Hulk’s back.

He withdrew his claws, and stabbed them into Hulk’s neck.

Hulk screamed; it actually hurt.

“That’s right, bub,” Wolverine grunted. “You’ve just met the one person who’s better than you are.”

The Hulk made a noise which strangely resembled a laugh.

He reached up and grabbed Wolverine’s head, and pulled him off his back.

Using Wolverine as a club, he begun to smash him into things.

Seeing that Wolverine was no longer moving, he dropped him to the ground and began to pound him with his fists instead.

“Smash!” Hulk boomed as he brought his fists down again and again.

Wolverine lay on the ground, bloody and bruised, and winced as the gigantic fists pounded against his Adamantium laced bones.

“Wolverine, can you hear me?” A voice spoke to him, through the speaker in his ear.

Wolverine recognized the voice; it was Nick Fury.

“Wolverine!” Fury yelled through the speakers.

“Wolverine, over and out…” Wolverine mumbled as Hulk smashed him in the face.

Communications Room, The Vault, Texas

“Get Wolverine out of there!” Nick Fury yelled to anyone who could listen.

“We can’t sir, the Hulkbuster’s aren’t allowed within the city perimeter,” A scientist explained.

“I don’t care, get him out of there!” Nick Fury yelled again.

“Relax Nick, I’m on it,” A voice came over Fury’s speaker.

Los Angeles, California

Hulk looked up into the sky to see where the noise was coming from.

A metallic black man flew into Hulk and began to lift him into the air.

The man was James Rhodes, and he was piloting the War Machine armour.

Hulk tried to pull his way out of the robot’s grip, but it was near impossible; War Machine was latched on for life.

James Rhodes felt his power sources depleting; the armour couldn’t take much more of his weight.

He turned on his radio and messaged to the group of Hulkbusters a few miles away.

“War Machine to Hulkbuster Unit – you’ve got an unexpected visitor about to drop in,” He messaged and then dropped the creature in his arms.

Nevada Desert, Nevada

The ground quaked as the Hulk landed.

Shockwaves went throughout the surrounding area, making rocks crumble into dust.

He emerged from some rubble and brushed off his shoulders.

He looked up and grunted as he was grabbed by four giant metal machines.

The sun gleamed off their metallic skin, and Hulk couldn’t see what was happening.

Their giant arms clawed at him, and he had had enough.

He leaped into the air, and crashed down on one of the machines.

The head piece was smashed instantly and Hulkbuster 02 went down.

The other three Hulkbusters charged towards Hulk, but they knew they were not going to win.

“Hulk the strongest one there is!” The monster boomed, before pounding the ground with his massive fists.

Shockwaves rippled throughout the Hulkbusters; shockwaves powerful enough to take them offline.

“Power sources depleting! If we’re going to get the Hulk, we have to do it now!” Hulkbuster 01 stated.

“No sweat, follow my lead!” War Machine interrupted, as he flew past the Hulkbusters and rammed into the Hulk.

The Hulkbuster’s followed suit and grabbed onto various parts of his body.

“I’m going to neutralize his brain!” War Machine yelled, as he powered up the appropriate technology.

“We can’t hold him!” Hulkbuster 04 screamed as one of the arms was ripped off.

Communications Room, The Vault, Texas

Captain Talbot looked at the live video feed.

Hulk was too strong.

They couldn’t capture him.

They only had one more chance.

“Samson? Did you finish the DNA upload to the satellite?” Talbot barked.

“Yes, but it only has enough power for one shot.”

“Very well.” Talbot mumbled as he turned on the speakers and spoke to War Machine and the Hulkbusters. “Get out of there immediately! Abandon positions! Now!” He screamed and then pressed a button on the control panel.

Nevada Desert, Nevada

Hulk wondered what was happening.

He had been struggling to break free when War Machine and the four Hulkbusters had flown off.

His answer arrived a few seconds later.

A bright green beam blasted into the earth atmosphere, and headed straight for the Hulk.

“Oh ****!” Hulk growled as the surrounding area was annihilated.

Communications Room, The Vault, Texas

Captain Talbot grinned.

“Mission success.”

Next: Incredible
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Great finale to the arc. Liked how you ended it, giving it some mystery tone and mood to it. The dialogue for Hulk is good as has been since the beggining.

Now bring on Incredible!

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