The Inheritance Trilogy

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Aug 24, 2006
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Anyone read these?

Probably the black sheep of fantasy novels, second only to the Sword of Truth.

Bringing it up mostly because the final book is coming out later this summer.

(Despite it's status, I maintain that the first book was decent, though Eldest was terrible.)
I tried to read them. I really did. After the first book, I simply thought "Why did I just read Star Wars in a fantasy setting?"
My homeschoolers' book discussion group read the first one, and we spent about 30 minutes naming off all the Lord of the Rings references, influences, and imitations. I had originally started the first book, only to stop reading during the first 100 pages or so. Reading it with the homeschoolers forced me to finish it on the second try.

I have to agree with Houde that you can tell they were written by a teen. I don't think the writing is that bad, it's just that the author seems have drawn from a very limited number of inspirations in creating characters and situations. He mostly just needs some more life and reading experiences; presumably his writing will improve over time if he continues.

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