The Legacy Project Speculation


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Jun 16, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
So, from the most recent issue we have confirmation that Charles Xavier had his hand in something we weren't aware of. What could it be? Well, I've got a couple of interesting ideas that turn this title upside down... Something that Kirkman promised in the coming issues.

1.) The Legacy Project will most likely have something to do with the "resurrection" of our boy, Hank McCoy. Commissioned to work for the government in exchange to be cured of his blue fur, McCoy is working on some sort of device that the government will use to police mutants.

2.) The feud between Charles and Nick Fury was over the moral code involving mutants. In the event that something should happen with mutants, who gets involved and why? I believe there was some sort of agreement made between Charles and Nick after the Sentinels claimed the life of our beloved Beast. I believe that instance was the last straw on the camel's back. Since then, they've had a falling out, sure, but only financially. Professionally, the two of them were working on something a bit different.

3.) I don't think the X-Men were involved... Or, not all of them. It could be that Jean Grey was aware of whatever Charles was up to, but I even doubt that. This will run similarly to the Illuminati in the 616 universe. Why keep the X-Men out? Charles actually did, as Fury said, value their lives and their untouched minds to help Charles' different cause.

4.) Charles had a secret telephone in his desk to contact Syndicate and Angel. My guess is that Fury knows about this, too. The Legacy Project began before SHIELD stopped funding the X-Men, but Xavier still had certain resources that he could use while out on a limb with the Shi'ar. This also supports my theory that the X-Men had no knowledge of the Legacy Project... IF this is still the same thing. Spying on Emma's school after Magnetic North and making sure that the Hellfire Club are in check are a couple of things I'm sure Fury would be interested in as he wants his hand in everything.

5.) The overall reason why I think something like this has been formed is to properly integrate mutants in to society. It may look a little undercutting at first and even a detriment to the cause, however, I don't think so. All of these things are making sure that things are in check... I'm sure that Charles as well as Fury wanted to check and balance out any equation that got out of hand, so to speak. The device Hank has been hired to make will make sure certain mutant's powers don't get too powerful, and all the spying being done will make sure no one gets too powerful.

**DISCLAIMER: I came up with this on the fly to spark a discussion... If you don't agree or you see certain points or alll of it as a load of ****, please argue your point fairly.
This theory could explain what Mag's ment when talking to Mystique about Xavier, I believe they referred to him as a "sick mind" or something along those odds
That's true, too... I do think that Charles was doing stuff behind a lot of people's backs, which would explain why Mystique and Magneto resent him. Maybe they think they are more honest people? :)

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