The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor


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Mar 5, 2005
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I'm currently reading a book named The Looking Glass Wars. It claims to be the true story of Alice's adventures in Wonderland, claiming that she was actually named Princess Alyss Heart, and she fled Wonderland when her aunt killed her parents (the King and Queen of Wonderland).

All I can say is that it is brilliant. I'm just about to read Part Three of the novel and finished Part Two in a day.
The comic version, Looking Glass Wars: Hatter, M., should be out in a week or two. It's got Ben Templesmith (Fell) on art. It's not a comics version of the entire novel but rather a slice of undeveloped story. Looks good.

Here's a preview: on Newsarama
Since this comic came out this week, here's my review, from my LJ, link below:

Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars #1 (Beddor-Cavalier/Templesmith; Image). An extremely quirky romp through mid-19th century Paris ("le huh?") with Hatter Madigan, an advanced Milliner in the Wonderland Guard, searching for the missing Princess Alyss, who has somehow been dragged through the looking glass and into this world. His search for the missing princess and his missing hat (foremost of his fearsome weapons) takes him on a stroll through Parisian chapeau shops and through an unfortunate brush with les gendarmes before being reunited with his hat - yet not, alas, his princess. Templesmith absolutely makes this book. The strange combination of whimsy, humor, violence and horror wouldn't work without him. Don't sit down to read this expecting a standard comic book, because it just isn't - if you try to frame this into a standard 4-color narrative format, you'll confuse yourself and miss much of the fun.
I really enjoyed the unfinished comic, Abadazad, written by J. M. DeMatteis (I think), and left dangling by the bankruptcy of publisher CrossGen, which had a relatively similar premise (a "revisionist" version of Alice In Wonderland).

If you're familiar with that series, what are the chances that I will appreciate The Looking Glass Wars too? (My budget is kinda tight at the moment, because I've been relatively generous with my gift-buying for others.)
I picked this book up after reading a couple of issues of Hatter M. This book rocks. I love the original ideas and fresh take on Wonderland. Hatter M is the most kickass bodyguard. I'm in part two right now. I love all the takes on the characters. Its basically Ultimate Wonderland.
If a book is going to try to be a serious revisionist look at a classical piece of literature, it can stand to not use onomatopoeia in fight scenes.

Otherwise, it might as well be a comic book.

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