The Music Video Thread

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Nah, hold the pickles and keep the onions. And a large Pepsi.

The video for "Knife" by Grizzly Bear, one of the most insanely bizarre things I've ever seen:



There is no part of that video that makes any sense whatsoever.
The other night I was looking around for cool/funny music videos and I stumbled upon the work of Chris Cunningham. Chris Cunningham directs a lot of music videos. Chris Cunningham likes to direct supremely ****ed-up music videos. (Mainly for Aphex Twin.) If you haven't already seen these, prepare to be horrified.

"Windowlicker", probably the best of the bunch and one of the most impressively crazy music videos I've ever seen. (Note of warning: intense rump shaking and about a thousand curse words ahead.)


"Come to Daddy", which further cements Aphex Twin's obsession with morphing his face on to everyone and everything.


"Rubber Johnny", which is absolutely nightmare inducing.


Some of Chris Cunningham's other, less scary videos:

Bjork - "All is Full of Love" (This one is actually quite beautiful, in a creepy way.)


Squarepusher - "Come On My Selector"

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Pearl Jam's Do The Evolution:


Daft Punk has a set of videos that tell a story but there's like 6 of them. First one starts off with this:

One More Time




It won't let you watch the embed but it's definitely worth it.

Great song/video. I like Bat for Lashes. This one is excellent:



Atlas Sound and Boards of Canada popping up in a music thread without me posting them! But especially Atlas Sound! Yay!

There are a loooot of great Atlas Sound fan videos. Because Bradford Cox is so awesome that he inspires awesomeness everywhere he goes.





(They actually made ^this one^ the official video.)
Speaking of Bradford, 23:00-30:00: maybe my favorite live performance of a song ever.


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