The NeverEnding Story

I was originally going to make a thread just about this link, which is like the funniest thing Robot Chicken's ever done, but I figured what the heck let's have a straight out NeverEnding story thread.

I loved this movie as I kid and I love it now.

I've posted that YouTube link about 3 times now, and still no one ever commented on it. :( And yes, it is the funniest thing they've ever done. Arguably. Probably. Definitely.

I saw all 3 movies and read the book. The first movie rocked while the others were just depressing. The third one was trying to be a frickin' comedy what with the rock baby and everything. The only reason I remember the second one is because the guy who played Bastion in it ended up committing suicide.

Oh and here's Family Guy's parody of the film.
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The third one was so horrificly bad... THe second one was aimed at younger kids, loved it when I was young, not so much now. My appriciation of the originial has only increased as I've gotten older.

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