The New Marvel Family (AvX & Secret Avengers spoilers)


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May 17, 2004
I wasn't sure how to start this thread but I think this is the best way to do it. It's not an event so much in and of itself but it is a noteworthy turn of events, if that makes sense. Spoilers for Avengers vs. X-Men and Secret Warriors.

First, there was this story from the Bleeding Cool: Is Marvel Making A New Marvel Family? (SPOILERS)

We knew it might well be coming in Secret Avengers #27. Because of, you know, the cover and content descriptions, and that kind of thing.

But instead, it turns out it actually happened in Secret Avengers #26. In deep space, the body of Mar-Vell is captured by the Kree race, who then use the M'Krann crystal to divert the Phoenix on its way to Earth, if only momentarily.

Marv's body hasn't decayed at all, interestingly. Maybe Kree don't decay? Dunno. It looks like he's back, but it looked like he was back during Secret Invasion (or was it Civil War?) too.


This comes right after The Protector and Carol Danvers discuss how they must make sure nothing stops the Phoenix.

Also keep in mind the new Ms. Marvel book that's coming out soon by Kelly DeConnick.

I always thought there were 3 untouchable deaths in the Marvel U: Uncle Ben, Bucky, & Mar-Vell. Now it looks like the second of those 3 has been touched.
Considering that Carol Danvers is going to be the New Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell will either die again sacrificing himself to save the Kree from the Phoenix or it's a fake like last time.

The former is more likely and it will probably be why Carol takes up the name.

Mar-Vell also briefly came back in the Dead Avengers mini that was a tie in to Chaos War.
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