The Road to Perdition Discussion (Spoilers)


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Nov 30, 2004
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So I picked up all three of these (right, 3?)

I just got done with the first one; Oasis.

Let me tell you. The movie was one of my favorites but the movie is a pretty loose adaption to the book *Sorry Baxter*. I'm kind've happy because I thought I'd get bored with reading stuff that I'd already known what would happen.

Anyway same plot. Little Michael witnesses the kill and Looney sends Michael to his slaughter while Looney's son Connor kills Michael's wife and mistakenly the youngest child.

But all of that backstory that took up half the movie is flown through in a brief flashback (within a flashback because that's what the story is). Harlen Mcguire isn't even in the book. He was made specifically for the film but their are two very interesting characters that are on the hunt for O'Sullivan and his kid. They're referred to as "The Two Jacks" and it seems both were former police officers. It's unclear if the younger/wiseass was anyway.

This centers around O'Sullivan's robbing banks against Nitti and Capone's organizations. Little Michael catches Scarlet Fever and the end up staying at an old friend of Annie's.

Good read and I'm looking forward to parts II and III.

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