The Sims 2: Pets (Wii)


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Aug 16, 2005
In The Sims 2: Pets, Players can create pets for their Sims to love, train, play with and take to the park. Create-a-Pet allows players to mix, match and create the perfect dog or cat for their Sim. Labradoodle? Shnoodle? Puggle? Choose breeds and customize your pets. Put your pets to work in a variety of different careers including Show Business, Security and Service. Hang out in Central Park, the community center where you can interact with other Sims while shopping for various pets accessories. Play "doc" as your run the town Pet Care Center! Gain status based on your Sims pet care skills, from performing examinations to healing, playing and training.

This sounds cool

screen shots
Hmm. A maybe.

I do, however, want the Sims: Wii game. It looks cool.

Yeah I want MySims too it looks cool

This game though I think (might be wrong) It'll be like a Wii version of Nintendogs (anyone here like nintendogs?) I like the feature on the interview with combining your own dogs or just having your own

I want a pug on it. Not any pug though one that looks like rags from spin city. Either that or good old fashioned bulldog
Nah, never liked the sims. The new Mysims looks pretty awesome though.

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