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Feb 23, 2005
Who else is going to be reading this? The preview in "Brave New World" was the most enthralling thing in that book, by miles. It was the only one that managed to hold my attention. I really want to know what's wrong with the Marvels' powers.

But the real star of the preview was Howard Porter's art. Back when I read JLA Vol. 1, I was convinced that Porter was one of the worst artists I had ever seen. Awkwardly posed, 2-Dimensional characters. Jumbled, cramped, confusing storytelling. Ridiculous-looking faces and terribly proportioned bodies. It was just awful. That's why my mouth just about dropped to the floor when I read that he had done that preview. Now, that's what I call self-improvement. Much more natural looking characters, whose faces and bodies are stylized without looking distractingly bad. Wider, clearer storytelling and pacing. And most of all, those gorgeous watercolor, children's book-style colors. Not only do they compliment Porter's style, but they seem to be perfect for Captain Marvel. I really love the art. I would have never thought that an artist can adapt and improve so much in 10 years. It's astonishing. Maybe someday Rob Liefeld will suddenly become a great artist....Nah.

I'll definitely be picking this up.
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Re: The Trials of Shazam!

I'm totally there. I've always enjoyed Captain Marvel in theory, although I've never really read any of his comics. But I'm incredibly psyched about this. It's got a unique feel you don't really see elsewhere.

And I agree with you on Porter. His art really sort of reminds me of Frank Quitely.

The only thing I'm worried about is that something will be lost in the reimagining of the character. Captain Marvel's always been interesting to me partly because it radiates a somewhat innocent, Norman Rockwell sensibilitiy. But the administration at DC said that's the exact reason they haven't put him to much use, and that they're hoping to reimagine him here.

Cap Marvel's becoming the new Shazam and Marvel, Jr. is supposed to become the new Cap. Hopefully these changes won't lose what's so cool about the character.
Re: The Trials of Shazam!

I'm deffinatly onboard. Between the excellent use of Captain Marvel and Black Adam in JSA and mor recently 52 for the latter I've become quite the fan of the modern interpretation of the characters. Winnick seems to have a decent grasp of what makes up the core of the Marvels as shown in his First Thunder mini as well as Captain JR in Outsiders.

And yeah, the art is friggin fantastic. I wasn't a porter hater like some of us before, excellent flash run he did, but this is just heads and shoulders above anything I've seen from him yet.
Re: The Trials of Shazam!

So I guess we can slap a spoiler tag on the title and have this as discussion thread?

I thought #1 was pretty ok. The writing read a lot like Lob on Superman/Batman. That's a plus in my book.....for others---not so much. With this being the intro issue, it's all just set-up.

The art is good. Not great....but good. But I think it fits the title very well. I like this art and I liked the art in "First Thunder". They could've gone either way with this and have it work just as well.
Man, the art is awesome and it really fits with the story. It's a major change in the Marvel family and It has that touch of fantasy. It's really awesome, one of the best titles going out.
Captain Marvel = Marvel
Captain Marvel Jr (If he pass the tests) = SHAZAM
Anyone still reading this?

I think I dropped off after #2, but I like the character of Captain Marvel, and the art was pretty good. So is it worth reading again?
Anyone still reading this?

I think I dropped off after #2, but I like the character of Captain Marvel, and the art was pretty good. So is it worth reading again?

Same here. I love the character.....but I'm trimming down the list of comics I actually get and just tradewaiting a lot of stuff. This is one of them.

Plus I wasn't too keen on the art.

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