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Sep 15, 2004
Just thought this would be an interesting idea...

Basically, all people who would want to participate, choose a trade they have that they no longer want/need, and then send it to another person on the list. Then, another person on the list will send a trade to you. Hopefully, we'll have people sending people trades they haven't read before or are interested in, and if they like it, they could buy the series. Then, once you've read that trade, you send it back onto another person on the list.

Anyone interested?
I might be interested in something like that...
I have a few trades I wouldn't mind sending people. I promise I'll try to make sure they appeal to the over-ten-years-of-age crowd. :wink:
icemastertron said:
Sorry, I keep everything I buy. I'm a l0z3r like that. :)

Me too. I don't have any I want to give up. If i did they would be crappy ones and why would I give that to someone trying to get them to read it.
TheManWithoutFear said:
I'm selling some of my trades real soon. (Daredevil, Sentry, Hulk, etc... )

I'm first in line for the Daredevil and Hulk ones.