The Ultimate Simpsons Game


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I was at an arcade a few weeks ago, and I played this really crappy Simpsons game. And I also remembered how bad Simpsons: Hit and Run was. So I despise most Simpsons games. Which led me to think, "What would the ultimate Simpsons game be like?" So I'm asking you: What do you want to see in a Simpsons game - gameplay, story, etc.? What would make the ultimate Simpsons game? Would Bart or Homer be the main character, or would each family member be used interchangeably in an RPG setting?
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I think it would be like the Sims, but you're playing in Springfield and you can be any Simpsons character. The SIMpsons.


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Not played it yet but the new simpsons game looks as close to a perfect simpsons game as anything.


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there wouldn't be one because the simpsons hasn't been the least bit entertaining since 1996

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