The Ultimates2-Manifest *Spoiler Warning*


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Bass said:
But... but... LOOK AT THE SHADOW. The area the traitor is in has a blue tint. It's the exact same shadow as we can see on Pym's arm IN THE SAME PANEL.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

Exactly. Its rediculous to say that it was just wrongly colored, this is the book with all of those little intentional details present from the very beginning of the title... It wasn't a screw up, he's not the traitor.


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Come on Folks, hasn't Batman taught you anything?
If you want to solve a crime, always look who gains!

Fury: No matter what his colour, it doesn't make sense for the man who essentially IS Shield to do the stuff the traitor has done. Also, it doen't fit anything we know about Fury's personality. Accusing Fury of turning in on SHIELD is about as sensible of accusing Mr. Bush of hiding Bin Laden.

Also: I keep telling you, the traitor is sincere. But there's more sides in this conflict than you are told about (to quote Captain America from Ultimates1, Issue 1), and I find it pretty obvious that the guy at the end of Ultimates2 #7 is most likely someone else then the guy speaking to Hank at the end of #6.
Furthermore, I believe the traitor is Hawkeye, that Hawkeye talked to Hank at the end of #6. And then he was taken down by the opposition.