The William Gibson Thread: "The future is here, it just isn't well distributed."


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Feb 16, 2005
A thread about that guy who writes lots of books that almost but never get turned into movies, all about futurey, internetty stuff that geeks obsess over where people dress like in The Matrix... William Gibson.

I've been following his work on and off since I was a kid, but I just heard he turned a new leaf and got all contemporary with books like Pattern Recognition and Spook Country all about a future only a few years away from our present.

So I picked up Pattern Recognition a few weeks ago, and it's pretty much the most accessible he's ever been, though sometimes I can't help but think it's the literary equivalent of an Alternate Reality Game, with its obsession with codes and images, and globe-trotting to solve a video puzzle.

I think it's a little difficult to figure out what I really think and feel about Gibson's work... especially because his works sometimes seem to attempt to elude his own self-image and I think criticism of his work has only now, begun to fully understand what he's trying to do...
William Gibson in the documentary No Maps For These Territories:

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