The Wonderful Maladys


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
The potential series is a half-hour ensemble revolving around the dysfunctional lives of three adult siblings, whose parents died when they were young. Charles Randolph (The Life of David Gale / The Interpreter) is writing the pilot, and both he and Gellar will be executive producers if the series goes forward. Also producing is Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Their CEO, Jon Liebman, tells Variety, "We're on a fast track" with The Wonderful Maladys.


A new single-camera comedy pilot from HBO, the show is about three dysfunctional adult siblings who lost their parents when they were young. Gellar will play the middle child, Alice, with Corddry as her grad student younger brother and Parker as her therapist older sister.


I'll watch this just for Sarah Michelle Gellar. Could be cool

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