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Jul 24, 2004
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The Young Avengers.

Starting in February, there are more Avengers coming out. And they're in the form of teenagers.

The writer, Allan Heinberg, is the writer/producer of "The O.C.". he has also worked on "Sex and the City" and "Party of Five".

He is creating the characters for the series. The faces that have been shown of the 4 teens remind you of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk.

It will starts off with four teens banding together after the aftermath of the "Avengers Disassembled" arc. There's a major villain thats making his return to take advantage of the Avengers situation.

Allan says that "By the end of the first arc of the book, the kids will have earned their stripes." He also says that only one of the members of the Young Avengers is someone that we have met before.

He figured if people are going to think why they should even call themselves Young Avengers, and has this to reply to that: "open to page one where J. Jonah Jameson has the same problem."

Also, he said that Jessica Jones (The Pulse, Alias) is going to play a major role in their lives. And also the New Avengers will have contact with them from time to time.

Source: Wizard Magizine Issue #156

Well....... what do you guys think?
Anytime you guys post something like this you should give credit with a link...Ice could you either edit it in or otherwise post it?
Somehow reminds me of the Teen Titans

I think that's exactly what it's supposed to be - Marvel's answer to the Teen Titans.
And heres the picture I was talking about. Anyone recognize these guys?

I'm not too sure about this one either...
I think im gonna skip this, although i am looking forward to the new Thunderbolts #1. Have you seen whos on the cover? Mach III, Spngbird, Radioactive Man, Atlas, the Eel, Speed Demon, Joystick and Captain Marvel
Nurhachi said:
I dunno, it just has a picture of wat looks like captain marvel on the cover
isn't that the cover for New Thunderbolts #1

sorry if the topic on this thread has changed.
I personally think that this will be a great title. I only hope that there will be a female or two on the team. I hate teams that aren't varied!

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