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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia. gives a 7-page, colored and lettered preview of Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1 (By Mark Millar and Jae Lee).

The original solicitation reads:

Written by MARK MILLAR
Penciled by JAE LEE
Cover by GREG LAND
Join us for the first appearance of—The Ultimate Inhumans! From a hidden race, she came to steal the heart of the F.F.'s youngest member—she's the beautiful elemental called Crystal! The awesome events playing out here figure prominently in the upcoming "Tomb of Namor" story in the regular UFF book!
ON SALE 8/31/05
Reed and Ben zapping cancer cells in Dr. Storm's stomach?

VERY cool. 8)
I was given the impression they were shooting cancer cells somewhere OTHER than his stomach. What could Ben and Reed shoot in the good doctors stomach that would affect his ability to have children? Sue commented that it didn't matter what Reed was eliminating becuase her and Johnny "never wanted a little brother or sister". I'm assuming they are eliminating Testicular cancer...Johnny's 'stomach' comment was probably due to the company he was in at the time of his conversation with Sue.
Ah, now that's more like it.
The Annuals so far have left me wanting. In fact, the Spiderman was the most enjoyable one to me.

Loving the art too, and the introduction of the inhumans was just very exciting.

Looking forward to it a lot.

Oh, and what's the money on that being crystal on the cover.
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Guijllons said:
Oh, and what's the money on that being crystal on the cover.
We all know its Crystal on the cover. Was said the first time the covers were released couple months back. :D
Er... doesn't this spoil Professor Storm's 'surprise'? I assume the surprise is the

Anyhow, I really liked Gorgon and Karnak, and it certainly sounds promising. I would assume the link between the Inhumans and Namor is the concept that they are ancient civilisations of humans, long lost. Perhaps they are both offshoots of the original Atlantis, predating Ancient Egypt.
Looking good indeed. Lee's artwork is great, but I felt it wasn't suited to such a light hearted book as the UFF. However, this annual looks a lot darker, for want of a better word. Love that introduction to the Inhumans, Lee really nails them, even though they only appear in silhouette form. I'm kinda getting the feeling that these guys aren't exactly on the same moral level as their 616 counterparts too. Wonder what they're going to do with those hikers.....

And Bass, I thought the Storm secret was supposed to link to Atlantis and Namor?
Bass said:
Really? Ok. So long as the secret ends up involving cake.

You know, I was thinking that.

Namor is actually Professor Storm's brother, and is also a cream filled sponge cake, with delusions of grandeur.
Bass said:
Really? Ok. So long as the secret ends up involving cake.

It's Namor's birthday and they're looking for him so they can eat the cake. They don't want to eat the cake without him. However, Dr. Storm got hungry and ate the cake, which was made with radioactive ingredients and that's how he got cancer. :D

On a serious note, they said "pre-cancer" cells. Doesn't that mean they're destroying them before he actually gets cancer?
It looks like another hit for the annuals. But is that Medusa on top of the mountain? Nice hair! looks more like the Medusa of the greek mythology.
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Ultimate Warrior said:
Bingo. I was waiting for someone to bring that up.

Never took a biology class in my life - is there such thing as pre-cancer cells? :sure:

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