They Attack at Midnight.


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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating of curds and whey.
There came a great spider who sat down beside her,
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

But was it really a spider that scared her away? Was a spider even there? Couldn't it have been her imagination or her fear? Our minds let us see what only we can understand. And what if that is no longer true? What if we can see everything we think is around us? Would it really be there or our fear taking control?

Only one way to find out....

And find out we shall. Starting now, a new halloween story begins. At first, I had this planned out as a one-shot deal. But from further thinking, it will be done in a few parts, with the last one ending on Halloween itself. So enjoy, and here's the short prologue to it all....

October 31st, 2005
Forest River Park
Salem, Massachusetts

The Prologue-​

“Run, dammit, run!”

Screaming and running through the park, all that was heard were the cries of two teens. They ran and ran non-stop as they tried to escape whatever nightmare chased them. Tonight had to be the night the city decided to work on the park lights, having them down until the following day. All was dark and barely anything could be seen. The full moon didn’t help very much to brighten up the area, nor did the little light that was received from the street lamps on the sidewalks outside the park as the many trees covered almost all of it.

The teenagers ran in fear as they cried to reach safety just in time. Something was chasing them. Though loud noises were heard coming from the night, it seemed that only the kids could hear it. They tried to scream for help, but to no avail did any help they receive. Panicking more and more, they kept running around in circles, not knowing that they were, as they could not really see their path in front of them. They would not stop calling for help, and no help would stop to aid them.

Then…all went into complete silence.

Not a noise was heard. Not a cricket was chirping. Not a car was driving through. The teens stopped running just long enough to notice it.

“Sa…sa..sam…We gotta…we gotta keep going!” said Brian as he tried to catch his breath. Brian was Sam’s boyfriend. He was the typical tall Italian man, but always dressed casual. Sam had known Brian ever since she moved here from Ireland. She looked at Brian and tried to talk, but just didn’t. A picture fell out of her coat pocket showing her, Brian, and another man.

“A—ADAM!!” She screamed as she had begun to cry.

“Sam…I’m sorry, I can’t believe he just died either,” Brian said, trying to sympathize with her. “But babe, we can’t stay. Whatever sick jackass that killed Adam could still be around! We have to keep going!”

Remembering back to a not too long ago, Sam remembers what happened with Adam. Every detail of it. As Adam, Brian, and her were playing around in the park, daring each other to destroy some property of the park. As they kept going on and on, Adam soon began to hear noises. At first, he dismissed it, believing it to be some animal. But the noise wouldn’t stop. Brian and Sam teased him, but Adam wouldn’t drop it. He kept insisting to leave. The noise had begun to drive him insane. He started to sweat like a pig and hitting his head for the noises to stop. He yelled and yelled, scaring Brian and Sam in the process. As they tried to help them, he pushed them away and hid in behind the trees a few yards away. Only a second had gone by before he screamed for help. Brian and Sam quickly ran to help them only to find a gruesome bloody body lying on the ground. Adam’s eyes had somehow been taken out and had his throat slit. Sam quickly screamed as Brian looked away in disgust. That’s when they, too, heard a noise. Fearing what would happen to them, they began running for their lives…

Now as Brian still tried to help Sam stand up, she refused to. She did indeed want to leave. The park was the last place she would ever want to be. But something kept her there, as if some invisible force would not let her get away. She kept crying out fear as Brian wouldn’t stop trying to get her on her feet.

“Dammit, Sam, get the hell up! Do you wanna die, too?! Is that it?! GET. UP!!” Brian screamed to her, as she yet was to listen to him. She looked up and pushed Brian away.

“What the hell is the problem, huh?!” Brian questioned her. “Why the hell don’t you wanna leave? You were just running like a damn maniac like me trying to leave!” Sam’s eyes widened as she saw something behind Brian. She couldn’t tell what it was, but it was enough to finally get her up. But instead of running towards leaving the park, she ran back in the direction where Adam was killed.

“Sam, what the hell?!” Brian looked behind him to see what scared Sam. He didn’t see anything. He sighed with an angry look and went to chase after Sam. He heard her scream and began to run faster.


When Brian finally caught up to her, it was too late. Whatever it was that was out there had gotten to Sam as well. Brian bent down crying and whispering her name as he found Sam with three slashes in her stomach and blood everywhere. Sam was dead and there was no way of bringing her back.

“SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!” Brian screamed in pain from loosing his girlfriend. He picked her up and held her close to him, stroking her hair as he kept saying her name over and over.

The noises came back again, haunting Brian as he tried to ignore them. But what can a man do to a noise? Sound cannot be touched, only heard.

So what was Brian going to do now? What would you do?
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Pretty good, some grammatical mistakes, but nothing that hurts the story. I'm interested to see if this "thing" is just your typical teenaged killer hyped up on angst, or something more fantasy-related.

Ice said:
So what was Brian going to do now? What would you do?

Is that rhetorical or should we answer that? I'd grab a nearby stick or branch and prepare to attack whatever came close. After a while, if nothing was near, I'd run off.
Pretty good, some grammatical mistakes, but nothing that hurts the story. I'm interested to see if this "thing" is just your typical teenaged killer hyped up on angst, or something more fantasy-related.
Thanks. :)

Is that rhetorical or should we answer that? I'd grab a nearby stick or branch and prepare to attack whatever came close. After a while, if nothing was near, I'd run off.
Hehe, it's rhetorical. :lol:

Your dialouge, which is some of the best I have read by someone I know.
Awesome! :D
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Have not forgotten about posting, I did, however, forget to post that I have extended this so I'll be posting every 2 weeks a new chapter. So by Tuesday Chapter 1 will be posted.
Had made some changes to the first chapter. But it's here. Enjoy.

October 31st, 2010
------- College Campus
11:55 a.m.

Chapter 1: The Legend Continues

“And that’s the end of that story.”

A young girl stood at a podium in front of her class with a bit of sweat dripping down her head like rain on a window. She awaited the response of her professor who sat at the back of the class staring at her with a painstaking look. He just sat there in his suit looking like it was expensive. Her fellow students clapped after hearing her story, enjoying it very much.

Finally, after a minute of utter awkwardness, her professor finally spoke and said, “Miss Alicia Hart. I must first say that you chose one of the…how should I put this….most idiotic so called “legend” to bestow upon the class for your assignment. It would have been better if you actually chose one that is historically accurate and not some punk crap that a babbling brook made up while smoking some crack he stole!”

“Yo, that dude is just straight up trippin’. What he needs is to get laid,” whispered a fellow of her students to another guy sitting next to him, followed by both of them laughing.

“Hey, I did the assignment, isn’t that what counts?” Alicia asked furiously at her professor as she clenched her fist.

“My name is Professor Dame, NOT Professor Dumb. If you think it’s all up to just what counts in this world, you have no idea what the world is outside. Then again, for someone who just got out of high school, I don’t really expect you to know that,” he fired back.


Before Alicia could get another word in, Professor Dame interrupted her when he said, “And now time’s up. We’ll continue with this in the next class. Have a terrible Halloween day.” He then he picked up his bag after putting some folders in them and left out the door before anyone else could. Alicia just shook her head in disappointment and started to shed a tear. It was only the week after midterm and finding out that she wasn’t passing her English 101 class, Alicia was trying to do her best, but all see got was the same today as every class. Her professor shooting her down as some worthless garbage people ignore and step on because they’re too busy to do something else.

After going back to her seat and getting all her belongings, Alicia left the class and wiped her eyes trying to hide her emotions. Once she got out of the class, someone had jumped in front of her.

“Jake! What the hell?! Don’t scare me like that, you idiot! And why do you have to your stupid vampire costume now?” Alicia screamed out in fear.

“I was just….bah! Never mind. Not like I’m gonna win this, anyways. So what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Jake asked, holding up Alicia’s head with his hand as she looked away.

Alicia sucked her teeth before she answered and replied to him, “I’m not crying. Let’s just go.”

“Alicia. I’ve known you since kindergarten. What’s wrong?” Jake asked was persistent to find out what was bothering her.

Alicia was reluctant to answer, but she caved in and finally told him, “It’s just my professor okay? He’s just…arrgh…let’s just go. I have to get ready for tonight.”

“Alrighty then…”

Hours later-
4:15 P.M.
Alicia’s home

Alicia was getting prepared in her bathroom as Jake waited for her in her living room on the couch. He stared around the room as he thought to himself the changes that were recently made since his last visit here a few days ago. There were tall plants next to the door and a new silk-feeling rug with what seemed like an Asian design.

“Hey, would you hurry it up there? We’re going to be late. Why do you women always seem to take hours to put barely any make-up on?” Jake yelled getting restless waiting for Alicia to come down already.

“Can it lord of the undead. I’m coming down now,” Alicia responded as she closed her door and came down the stairs dressed like a zombie. “Does this look like a little make-up to you, buddy?”

“Pfft, yeah,” Jake answered sarcastically. The two then finally headed out the house and went into Jake’s red BMW. He pulled out of the driveway and sped off to their next destination.

“You know what I always wondered?” Jake asked as he adjusted his rear-view mirror.

“What’s that? How you live without a brain? You know that would explain why you act like an idiot,” Alicia answered, knowing it wasn’t what Jake was thinking at all.

“Oh ha-ha. But really- why do you park in a drive way and drive on a park way? It’s like…mind boggling.” Alicia gave him a blank stare and stayed quiet until they arrived at the party.

Later on at the party
7:34 p.m.-

The house from where the Halloween party was held at was full of guests. People came in all different types of costumes. From people dressed up as clowns, devils, cheerleaders- even guys, to undead creatures, babies, comic heroes and more. As to no one’s surprise, beer and alcohol was served at the party, so of course there are the drunks running amok. No one cared, they just enjoyed being out of their daily lives and having a good time. The music was pumping, people were dancing and talking and all seemed like a nice night. Jake and Alicia were among the dancers.



A crowd stood around a guy who was trying to chug two liters of beer without stopping. After succeeding, the crowd cheered and everyone padded the man on his back. He smiled and tried to speak to them.

“I gotta…peeeeee!!”

Everyone laughed and led him to the back of the yard instead of the bathroom, pulling a prank on him. He managed his way to the bushes and started to use the bathroom. As he was going, he smelled something horrible. When he went to check on what was emitting the terrible stench, he led out a giant scream and ran inside.

“The hells your problem, Frank?” Asked one of the guys that Frank into.

“There….there’s a ****ing dead body out there! It’s all ****ing carved up and its…stuff is hanging out.”

“Damn, there’s nothing that really sobers up a man like a good scare, eh? I’m sure you just saw someone’s decoration or some crap that someone took down on purpose,” said the guy, dismissing what Frank told him.

“Then you go see if it’s some decoration **** or not,” Frank said pointing towards the door. The lights flickered very fast for a few seconds before returning to normal. Frank sighed and put his beer down as he went to check if what Frank said was true. It was long until he came running and went towards the sink and had begun to vomit.

“What the hell, dude?! Go to the bathroom for that!” Someone said who was standing nearby the sink. Then again, the lights flickered, but this time they never came back on. People moved around and wondered what was going on. Some went to the basement and tried the breakers but nothing was working. A girl had let out a scream and people tried to see what was going on but it was too dark to see anything. The windows had been covered with so much Halloween decorations that not even light from the outside could get in.

More and more people were screaming. People were getting scared and panicking. Screaming and kicking, pounding and shoving. They tried to find a way out but for some reason the doors wouldn’t open once they actually found a door. Some felt gushes of some liquid coming all over them. Something was going on and it wasn’t good.

It went dead silent for about a minute or so before the lights flickered back on. What was seen was the most gruesome sight imaginable. Whatever had happened, something…or someone had killed almost all the guests. Only a handful were still alive. Frank, Alicia, and Jake being three of them.

The cops were patroling the area as they always do around the holiday, and when they heard the screaming, they had called for back-up and broke into the house, quickly pointing their guns towards the guys.


“Oh we’re in deep **** now,” Jake said.

To be continued...

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