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Nov 30, 2004
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Just going over the UFF Vol. 1 before I get Vol. 2 tomorrow :D

anyway I was curious.... When they give Mole-man the boot from the Baxter building and he says "They told me this would happen"... Whose "They"?? I thought it was the little mold people but I don't think they can really talk... anyone wanna toss a clue at me??
Who knows, maybe it was those crazy voice's that most villians hear all the time.
Maybe it was Doom's father how helped the Mole-man do his experiments at the Baxter Building, Well maybe some one that has connections to the Van Damme's that where helping the Mole-Man.
This is a good question that I've seen brought up before and never really answered.

I assumed he was talking about the plant-people he created. They don't talk, but maybe he "heard" their voices. As for the pointing, I took that as pointing to the computer, to the computer files they were discussing regarding the plant people.

This is a good question - I think I'll ask Bendis.
It is questionable, but I think Mole Man and his creations shared a bond of sorts. They only talked to him, it seemed, as did they only listened to him. It's probably something he did to them.
But the Mole-Man hadnt created the plant-people yet! He just had the notes and the formulas for how to create them.
René said:
But the Mole-Man hadnt created the plant-people yet! He just had the notes and the formulas for how to create them.

It didn't say when they told them "this would happen". If we're considering that theory, we have to consider that it might have been earlier that morning for all we know.
General Ross and Mr. Storm made it clear that he had already done some experiments with these plant men... Maybe the preliminary plant men were the people that were responsible for telling him. It's entirely possible and certainly feasible.
I thought they made it clear that they had told Mole-man to stop experimenting with the plant men. Maybe i need to reread the issue more carefully but i think it was actually a "stop it this time- seriously" rather than a been there done that get over it warning
XTFLyons said:
So we're stumped on this one??

I asked Bendis in a Q&A thread and am waiting for his answer. I'll post it when he does answer.
Bendis just updated his Q&A and answered my question about "they"...sort of. :?

In the first Ultimate Fantastic Four arc, when Arthur Molekevic is brought into Dr. Storm's office and is being fired for his plant/mold people experiments, he whirls around and points and says something to the effect of "They told me this would happen!"

a) who or what is he pointing to?

b) who are "they"?

XTFLyons said:
So we're just to assume he's crazy...kinda lame
I hope Millar or someone looks back at this issue and uses it somehow

Uh, speak for yourself, buddy.

I think he's not a crazy nut, but soon we shall see.....hopefully.

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