Things by Moore. Should I order?

What is Supreme about?
Supreme was Rob Liefeld's ripoff of Superman...just more angry.
I read Supreme: Story of the Year from my library. It was boring, and the art sucked.
skotti-chan said:
Supreme was Rob Liefeld's ripoff of Superman...just more angry.

And Alan Moore wrote a story of it? I'm confused.
I have a big Supreme trade I bought for about 20 quid.

I've yet to finish it.

The art is quite abominable, and Supreme is just a bad Superman rip-off.

However, Alan Moore does inject the series with a certain sense of nostalgia, and lost wonder that is very appealing. But for some reason, it really doesn't click with me at all.

I believe this was done when Alan Moore thought about trying to do the "Image" style, before he realised that it wasn't his job to give people stories based on what happened to be selling at the time.

It's the worst Alan Moore stuff I've read, but it still has a little something.

I'd not recommend it though.
thee great one said:
What about the other one?

Never read it.

I downloaded From Hell, and still need to read it.
I just finished A Small Killing,

I must say it was fantastic.

The art was crazy and very fitting.

I like the traveling backwords storing telling while still staying in the present. It was very creepy and a great mystery. I'm ordering it.

I recommend it. Even though no one cares for my opinion.

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I just read Moore's The Courtyard 2-issue series.

What the holy **** damn **** whacked out ****ed up panties **** did I just read?


It was pure awesome.

Moore is an alien. My brain has exploded 5 times cause of him.

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