This is how The Grey Goo Theory becomes a reality....

Excellent. Now it's time to save the world.
Very interesting. But like all news of technological discoveries I keep picturing the first act of a disaster or monster movie.
they didn't really create artificial life. They constructed DNA and implanted into a living organism and changed what it was.

If they were able to construct the whole cell from scratch and then that cell began to do all the things that constitute life (take in nutrients, eliminate waste products, replicate, etc) then that would be artificial life. But I have a strong feeling that even if they could do that, they would end up with a dead cell. Life itself is more than just biological construction.

anyway, this is pretty amazing, until the bacteria mutates and turns us all into zombies and Will Smith has to hunt deer in New York city while working on a cure.
Pff. I've created life.

Once I just left some maltesers in a box for a year and a half to see what would happen.

I totally created a culture: The Moldinians.

I've been injecting my semen into all kinds of insects for years.

I'm going to create a hybrid army.

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