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I don't really know where to ask this, and I don't want to start a new thread.

Do you guys view Tina Minoru in Doctor Strange as a different character to the version seen in Runaways or the same? Kevin Feige stated that the Doctor Strange character was just an easter egg and the Runaways creators say that the Doctor Strange version has no baring on them, but the Prelude confirms the same name. Also, later seasons kinda make it make sense, since Tina recognises the Dark Dimension corruption in Nico's eyes, and she was at the Hong Kong Sanctum during Kaecilius' attack. I do believe that, officially, they're separate characters. It's messier like that to me though. Two separate magical characters with the same name with their own staff of one in the same universe?

The Marvel wiki actually combines the characters, which, if nothing else, makes for an interesting read. Since we only see her only briefly in Doctor Strange and its Prelude comic, it doesn't really present any huge issues for me. That's just my take though.
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