TMNT: The game


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Ahhh... That Gorilla Gulch commercial NEVER gets old. Love it! :)

I'm actually really impressed by this game. It looks like a Prince of Persia with TMNT involved. That, to me, sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. I can't wait. :)

Yeah, and what is with Ubisoft software designers and being on a roof? They've done that for all of the development videos I've seen...


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Looks interesting to me...this could very well be the first TMNT video game done as it was meant to be.


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Ice said:
Definetly will get this when it comes out. :D



Yeah, this game looks pretty impressive. I can't wait to see some of the villains they've got. The Ubisoft guy mentioned Shredder...


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Remember the og nintendo game ?? I swear, that was the hardest game ever. The underwater bomb level ruined me for life. They wrong for that one.


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the old nintendo games kicked mayjor ***, i made a habbit of playing the second one i think and we and my friend Joe sat in his basement from morning till nite and could never beat the final shreader:( :( :(

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I just saw the trailer for this on Spike TV's Game head. It looks awsome!! I'm sure some site will have it up tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for it.


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I hate how they haven't made a decent Turtles game since Turtles in Time for consoles and Manhattan Missions for the PC.

I think a new Turtles game should just embrace the absurdity of the old Saturday morning cartoon, the Archie comics and the action figure lineup and have a huge roster that includes Mondo Gecko, Casey Jones, the Neutrinos, Wingnut and Screwloose, et al.


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looks kind of cool.

Reminds me of the turtles games on ps2 , NGC ect... but with better graphics and more improvements so it could be goood.

thanks watcher

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