To slab or not?

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To slab or not?

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Staff member
Do you own any slabbed books?

I previously collected a few slabs, but was getting more caught up in collecting that I did the stories behind it, and quickly lost it's luster.

Interested to here what you think!


Excelsior Club
I've got a couple that I've considered having slabbed but haven't done it yet and I don't own any that are. I'm kind of 50/50 on it - those couple of books should be protected but I actually still like to (carefully) read them once in a while.


Staff member
One of my biggest goals was to collect all 18 of the first run of the Silver Surfer.

With exception of #1, I bought two of each book. One a reader version that would go for cheap, and the other a slab quality piece.

I'm almost to the point that the pdf versions for ipad make the reader versions ALMOST not required. You just can't replicate that smell of an older book.

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