Too many Marvel films?

Joe Kalicki

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Oh, sure, I've seen movies where I've had no interest in the source material, just because the trailors looked cool. And there are things I've liked that I didn't see the adaptions of because the movies looked crappy. Superman Returns, for one.

If you're saying Marvel movies need to advertise attributes beyond being comic book-based, I think that's a given.


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I came across this thread by accident. I was trying to go to the last page of the MCU Timeline, but went to the last page of this forum itself. It's so funny to look back at this thread (actually this is the first time I saw it) now in 2019. This was posted in 2006, before Iron Man! Before Marvel Studios as we know it and their awesome world-building movies! Back in 06, people wanted Marvel to stop making movies. I'm glad they didn't! Though, after End Game, a break wouldn't be too bad. I don't know how excited I am for Phase 4. Spider-Man does look great, sure, but I don't know if I'll be as excited anymore after that.

What does anyone who's posted in here from 2006 have to say now that Marvel Studios has 90% (whatever, its a made up number by me) of the rights to all of their characters back and made some pretty great movies that totally redefined the genre?
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