Top 5 Writers of 2005


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Sep 15, 2004

I disagree with some of his choices (Bendis?!), so I think we should all make our own. Not in any particular order:

1. Brian K. Vaughan
2. Mark Millar
3. Robert Kirkman
4. Warren Ellis
5. Grant Morrison

But BKV is probably my favourite writer of the year for Runaways, Ultimate X-Men, Y The Last Man and Ex Machina.
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In no particlar ordder:
1. Warren Ellis
2. Mike Carey
3. Grant Morrison
4. Mark Millar
5. Robert Kirkman

If they were gonna be in order, I'd go:

1. Grant Morrisson (Seven Soldiers is a great read)
2. Warren Ellis (His stuff is constantly great)
3. Robert Kirkman (This guy can do no wrong)
4. Mark Millar (Ultimates)
5. Mike Carey (loving what hes doing with Neverwhere)
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thee great one said:
Mark Millar
Brian Michael Bendis
Jeph Loeb
Judd Winick
Garth Ennis
Joss Whedon
Geoff Johns
Greg Rucka

I wish you had passed High School Math.
1. BKV (UXM rox)
2. Kirkman (Next year is HIS year. Especially once his top secret project is revealed.)
3. Bendis (ducks)
4. Millar (..)
5. JMS (for his superlative "New Avengers" arc in ASM and his first arc on FF)
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ourchair said:
The guy who wrote the top 5 writers feature at Herorealm in the link PX2 provided.
Ah right, i didn't click through. In fact, I don't think I even read you post, I just saw that you posted and guessed the rest.

Hmm, I think I need a lie down.
5. Greg Rucka (loved OMAC Project)
4. Geoff Johns (loved Infinite Crisis, GL: Recharge, and GL Corps (though the GL ongoing sucks))
3. Warren Ellis (loved Ultimate Secret, UFF, and Desolation Jones)
2. Mark Millar (ULTIMATES!!!)
1. Grant Morrison (loooooovvve AS Superman and Seven Soldiers)
1. Orson Scott Card
2. Reginald Hudlin
3. Chuck Austen
4. Mark Millar
5. Brian Michael Bendis

...wait, you said TOP 5 writers? :D

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